Airtable – A Detailed Review on Its Utilizations

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In this modern, digital world, businesses from all industries need tools that can automate workflows and help them to organize processes. Most importantly, the tool should ensure that they meet specifications. This can be achieved by adopting a project management solution. Airtable software is focusing mainly on collaboration and data organization. Here, we will have a detailed review of the utilizations of Airtable.

An Overview of Airtable Software

Created originally for the food industry in 2012, Airtable software can now be adapted to any type of business.  As some of you might not know, this platform has gained momentum and market share in recent months.

From the Airtable API to the Airtable Blocks, you might hear your peers talking about the greatness of this software. Or else, you might have heard something like “Airtable is the same as a steroid chart”. Well, it actually will be a pretty good summary of what it is.

In brief words, the Airtable demo has proven how the software has been considered to be the power of spreadsheets and databases. The platform comes with a very flexible, customizable, and easy-to-use API. The innovative Airtable API makes the software a worthy choice among its other competitors. How? Now imagine turning an ordinary employee into a database administrator. Well yes, this is what you can do with Airtable software.

How Does the Software Work?

Airtable features come with a centralized database. The platform allows you and your team members to work together seamlessly. This way, you will be able to increase efficiency. Accordingly, Airtable also helps you collaborate with familiar spreadsheet-like interfaces.

The moment you use Airtable, you will see how the software performs like a spreadsheet. You will see rows and columns. Additionally, you will also find a system that acts as an integrated repository of records, content, projects, and ideas.

Another great thing about Airtable software is that it allows you to access data easily. Then, you will be able to migrate to other databases, without compromising their integrity. Most importantly, you will also be able to use:

  • Attachments
  • Rich media and text
  • Photos
  • Notes
  • Barcodes
  • Checkboxes

The Various Utilizations of Airtable Software

Airtable software comes with efficient and effective features that can be used by businesses of all types and teams for a variety of purposes. But what are the main utilizations of Airtable software?

Perfect for collaboration

Collaboration and project management are the most beneficial utilizations you can do with Airtable. The Airtable demo has displayed how the project managers will be able to assign tasks easily. Additionally, as a manager, you can also let your team members know what they need to do to be accountable.

Accordingly, you will be able to give a comment on Airtable. This way, your team members will be able to get specific details about their tasks. Even better, the software also allows all the users to customize their views to specific work styles and priorities. Most importantly, Airtable allows you to share real-time updates with stakeholders and eventually use them to reduce duplicate work.

Helps to organize social media

Airtable features help a lot to organize your social media work as well as project management. Many users have been using the software very well to create a monthly content calendar. Such calendars help you and your team members to go through different stages of approval before the content is published.

In fact, the software has an advantage in this area because you will be able to share your spreadsheet with multiple people. This way, you can plan your content a few weeks in advance.

Use Airtable software as a podcast guest database

Another thing that makes Airtable software unique is its usefulness to podcast producers. The spreadsheet in this platform can be used to contain topics and guest ideas. You will be able to refer to these spreadsheets. As a result, it will be easy to keep track of the guests who have already graced the podcast.

The Benefits of Using Airtable Software

In an Airtable Software, many users have been praising the software to be the most ideal project management tool. Below are some of the benefits your business can get from using Airtable.

Provides an exclusive software

Airtable is basically project management software that works the same way as a spreadsheet. With the software, you will also be able to attach a file. You will find some drop-down options and checkboxes. In fact, you will find various options on the software that Microsoft Excel does not offer to its users.

Offers Ease of use

As one of the Airtable users, you will be able to easily show and hide fields. Accordingly, you can move fields around. The filters in the software are easy to use. You will find the blocks that can be used for bulk editing.

Comes with multiple templates

One of the strengths offered by Airtable is the choice of templates and layouts. You will find plenty of options that are useful for those who prefer to use the built-in ones. On the other hand, you can also create your own from scratch.

Offers excellent displays

At Airtable, you can easily switch from grid view to form view. This simply means that you can consider your project as a typical spreadsheet and modify it to something similar to a database. By doing this, you can easily track the progress of your project.

Again, Airtable works like a spreadsheet. Yet, it is still a project management Software. In this regard, one of its strengths is the ability for you to track the progress of your projects.

What about the Airtable Cost?

Speaking of the Airtable cost, you will find four pricing plans offered by this software.

  • The Free plan

You will not need to pay anything for 1,200 records per base and 2GB storage. The free plan also offers a history of revisions and snapshots for two weeks.

  • The Plus plan

By paying $12 a month for the Plus plan, you will get 5,000 records per base and 5GB  of storage. In addition, this plan also offers a history of 6-month revisions and snapshots.

  • The Pro plan

With the Pro plan, you will get 50,000 records per base, 20 GB storage, one-year revisions, and snapshot history. This plan costs $24 per month.

Final Thoughts

With Airtable software, you will feel like buying project management software with updated spreadsheet capabilities. Thus, this software has valid reasons to be the popular one!

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