2022 Kedarkantha Trekking Guide

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Kedarkantha trek is a well known winter trek among occasional trekkers and novices. It is a seven days in length trek in Pashu Vihar National Park in Uttarakhand. Arranged at an elevation around 3810 meters above ocean level, this absolutely exhilarating highest point offers a marvelous perspective on the magnificent Himalayan pinnacles enlivened across the horizon. One of many motivations behind why the Kedarkantha trek is famous is its compensating highest point climb. The trek is genuinely steep right from the headquarters. As you begin strolling towards the highest point promptly in the first part of the day, the birds and the Himalayan crowns wish you best of luck. The brilliant view keeps organization as you move up the slope.

The world is by all accounts a mysterious spot to live in. The trek gives a generally exciting and once in a blue moon sort of involvement.

The trek starts from Sankri town. One needs to cover a distance of around 20 km over a range of 5 to 6 days. Because of the restricted distance to be covered every day, this is nearly simpler and reasonable for novices. Sankri town is a typical beginning stage for practically every one of the treks in Uttarakhand.

The path goes through delightful, charming woodlands. You would run over rich greenery. Maple and oak trees are genuinely normal around here, you may likewise see a few Rhododendron animal categories. As you move higher towards the culmination, you will encounter thick oak and pine backwoods. Keep your eyes open for Chir pine, dark bird, brilliant hawk, you may very well luck out.

Story behind Kedarkantha and Juda-ka-Talab

At the Kedarkantha culmination, there’s a place of worship of Lord Shiva made of stones encompassed by snow. Local people offer appreciation to the holy place. It is said that Lord Shiva sat on the Kedarkantha culmination to reflect yet was upset by a bull. In this way, later he moved to Kedarnath, the well known Shiva sanctuary in Uttarakhand to ponder.

A nearby legend is additionally well known among the neighborhood individuals saying, Pandavas visited the Himalayas to look for Lord Shiva’s endowments. Nonetheless, Lord Shiva camouflaged himself as a bull and stowed away from Bheem. As Lord Shiva surged out from his concealing spot, his body parts got isolated and each body part fell at better places. It is said that his throat fell at the culmination, henceforth named Kedarkantha – which means throat of Lord Shiva.

Kedarkantha Trek Cost

Assuming you have looked for certain bundles currently then you should have a thought that there are a lot of sites offering various Kedarkantha visit bundles.

The normal expense of Kedarkantha trek for one individual is about INR 6000 for 6 days and 5 evenings. Assuming that your bundle incorporates the train or flight admission it will be somewhat higher.

We would prescribe you to arrive at Dehradun all alone. You don’t actually have to go with a visit bundle for that. In Fact you can likewise modify your bundle so that it begins from Sankri. That way, you will set aside some cash just as get some security and opportunity.

Trekking gears for Kedarkantha trek

Kedarkantha is viewed as a simple moderate trek. For that, you really want the right hardware. Here, burning through cash sufficiently isn’t, yet spending it shrewdly.

Purchase different layers of garments to keep you warm at the high heights rather than getting one layered fabric. Different layering will keep you hotter and furthermore allows you to utilize just as much garments as you want.

Assuming you have continued trekking already, you won’t need to add a lot of things, the greater part of them are the same. In any case, in the event that you are new to trekking, then, at that point, this rundown will help you.


Kedarkantha is the ideal winter trek for novices. Despite the fact that you can go to Kedarkantha during some other season, it is generally wonderful during the winters. We have remembered the upsides and downsides of each season for Kedarkantha trek.

We have incorporated all the conceivable data you will need prior to visiting Kedarkantha. Pay special attention to the trek agenda, gears you really want for Kedarkantha trek, best an ideal opportunity to visit Kedarkantha, etc.

While picking your cog wheels, don’t depend on a specific brand. Really take a look at the quality yourself and afterward purchase. You can likewise purchase quality items from shops in your city, they are significantly more affordable with a similar quality.

Likewise remember to consistently keep your knapsack as light as could be expected. Try not to pack pointless apparatuses.

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