These Are The Best Looking Road Cars Audi Has Ever Produced

Photo: Audi I’ve been a fan of Audi’s design language since my neighbor came home one day in a brand new purple C5 Audi A6 in the late 1990s. Everything about it looked so futuristic to young Logan, like the contrast between the smooth curves and the angular head- and taillights. I wasn’t more than … Read more

These Automakers Have Never Made A Bad Car, According To You

Has McLaren ever made a bad car? Photo: McLaren There are a lot of different car companies building a lot of different cars. So it stands to reason that all of them have, probably, at some point had at least one off day and built a bad car, right? To find out if this was … Read more

These Unreliable Cars Are Worth The Headache, According To You

Photo: Bugatti Bugatti Atlantic. Costs a ton to keep on the road enough for 10k-15k miles/ year as a daily driver, but it’s worth it for the style. I know it’ll cost a lot, but I do feel like an Atlantic is a sound investment. If you’ve got the cash, I think it’s worth it. … Read more

What Automaker Has Never Made A Bad Car?

Has Morgan ever made a bad car? Photo: Morgan If you think about your favorite car company, can you hand on heart say that everything it’s ever built has been great? Like, has it really never made a bad car? And if your favorite car company can’t say no to that, is there an automaker … Read more

Ken Block Wrecked A Bunch Of Stuff Filming Gymkhanas And Now You Can Buy Some Of It For Charity

Image: ebay If you like your gears as crunchy as a bag of potato chips, then this one is for you. During the iconic Randy’s Donuts drift scene in Gymkhana Seven, this gear was lunched. One of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite YouTube videos. Get ‘em. KEN BLOCK RANDYS DONUTS LA R.I.P … Read more

audi: Audi India reports 33 pc rise in retail sales in FY24

New Delhi: Luxury carmaker Audi India on Tuesday reported 33 per cent increase in retail sales at 7,027 units for the fiscal ended March 31, 2024. The German automaker had sold 5,275 units in the country in 2022-23 financial year. “We have seen a robust growth of 33 per cent in FY23-24 on the back … Read more

These Cars Have Aged Like Fine Wine, According To Readers

Some cars age better than others. It’s just a fact of the industry. Because of that, some cars that may not have looked too hot when they first came out have really grown and matured as the years go by. It means we get a new appreciation for them, which is what led us to … Read more

Audi: Luxury car sales could breach 50,000 units mark for first time ever in 2024: Audi India head

NEW DELHI: Luxury car sales in India could cross the milestone of 50,000 units for the first time in a year in 2024 amid growing demand for such models, according to Audi India head Balbir Singh Dhillon. The overall domestic luxury car segment grew by 28 per cent annually last year to record sales volume … Read more

Baltimore Bridge Collapse, Ted Cruz’s Feelings Require Police Detail And More In This Week’s Best New Posts

2015 Nissan XterraImage: Nissan The rugged, off-road segment is exploding; every truck or crossover now seems to have some sort of either legit off-road trim, or at least one appearance package inspired by ruggedness. From Chevy’s Activ trims to Ford’s Raptors and Toyota’s TRD-Off and upcoming Trailhunter trims, it’s a booming business. Not everyone has … Read more

These Are The Automotive Mysteries That Haunt You

1. Who developed the WK2 (2011-2020/1) Grand Cherokee platform? — This platform was also used by the gen. 3 Durango (still in production), the 2012-2019 Mercedes-Benz M/GLE-Class, and the 2013-2019 Mercedes-Benz GL/GLS-Class. It’s probably the final DaimlerChrysler collaboration, and didn’t even debut until a couple of years after the merger ended. But who led the … Read more