EU says Apple’s App Store Is in Breach of Rules

Apple has become the first big tech company to be charged with breaking the European Union’s new digital markets rules, three days after the tech giant said it would not release artificial intelligence in the bloc due to regulation. On Monday, the European Commission said that Apple’s App Store was preventing developers from communicating with … Read more

Trump Promises Green Cards To Foreign Students On Graduation

Home News Trump Promises Green Cards To Foreign Students On Graduation Students from India stand to be the largest beneficiaries if Trump is indeed re-elected and delivers on his promise. Washington: Former US President Donald Trump has said if he is re-elected, his administration will pursue a programme to grant Green Cards to foreign students … Read more

Skims named top global celebrity clothing brand: QR Code Generator

Kim Kardashian’s Skims is the world’s leading celebrity clothing brand, according to a recent study conducted by QR Code Generator.  Kim Kardashian’s Skims named top global celebrity clothing brand: QR Code Generator. – Skims The analysis utilized multiple metrics to determine the rankings, including Trustpilot reviews, Instagram followers, and search data from Google Keyword Planner. … Read more

FTC refers TikTok complaint to DOJ

The TikTok logo is displayed at TikTok offices on March 12, 2024 in Culver City, California. Mario Tama | Getty Images The Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday that it’s referred its complaint against TikTok and Chinese parent ByteDance to the U.S. Department of Justice. The FTC began its investigation following a 2019 settlement with, … Read more

STEM Students Refuse to Work at Google and Amazon Over Project Nimbus

More than 1,100 self-identified STEM students and young workers from more than 120 universities have signed a pledge to not take jobs or internships at Google or Amazon until the companies end their involvement in Project Nimbus, a $1.2 billion contract providing cloud computing services and infrastructure to the Israeli government. The pledgers included undergraduate … Read more

AI Is Coming for Big Tech Jobs—but Not in the Way You Think

Google, too, has funneled money into its Anthropic AI developments, and its CEO, Sindar Pichai, warned of continuous cuts throughout 2024, which began in January. That comes despite Google reporting strong growth. “We’re responsibly investing in our company’s biggest priorities and the significant opportunities ahead,” says Bailey Tomson, a Google spokesperson. In 2023 and 2024, … Read more

EU cybersecurity label should not discriminate against Big Tech, European groups say

A proposed cybersecurity certification scheme (EUCS) for cloud services should not discriminate against, Alphabet’s Google and Microsoft, 26 industry groups across Europe warned on Monday. The European Commission, EU cybersecurity agency ENISA and EU countries will meet on Tuesday to discuss the scheme which has undergone several changes since ENISA unveiled a draft in … Read more

YouTube’s unskippable ads are about to get so much worse

With its new unskippable ad feature, YouTube might end up killing ad blockers once and for all. Currently, the video platform is experimenting with server-side ad injection, which means the ads would appear directly in a video’s stream, bypassing ad blockers. A Google spokesperson explained the test to Gizmodo: “YouTube is improving its performance and … Read more

As Google Targets Advertisers, It Could Learn a Lot From Bing

Disclosure of ads has been an issue on Copilot as well. Though Microsoft says it labels all ads, Marcus Pratt, senior vice president for insights and technology at the ad-buying agency Mediasmith, says he’s encountered at least two searches in which links with indications that they are sponsored arguably haven’t been adequately disclosed. Last week, … Read more