Every Jaguar Is Dead Except For The 8-Year-Old F-Pace

Photo: Jaguar Walk into a Jaguar dealer today and you’ll have your pick of a sedan, a sports car, an EV or two crossovers. It’s not the biggest lineup in the industry, but at least it’s a lineup. Soon, though, that won’t be the case, as Jaguar plans to kill off every single car it … Read more

Renowned Rolls-Royce And BMW Designer Murdered In Apparent Car Theft

Image: Rolls-Royce Ian Cameron, the man essentially single-handedly responsible for the renaissance of Rolls-Royce design following its purchase by BMW in 2003, was stabbed to death at his Lake Ammer home in Bavaria on July 12. Authorities suspect the unknown assailant, who fled the scene, was attempting to steal a valuable car from Cameron’s extensive … Read more

Check Out All The Most Interesting Cars From The 2024 Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance

Photo: Daniel Golson/Jalopnik We’re starting off strong with the 1996 Mazda Miata M-Coupe concept, which debuted at the 1996 New York Auto Show. The idea of a hardtop Miata first came about in 1992, with designer Tom Matano envisioning a grand tourer with more luggage space and interior comfort. While this concept was made from … Read more

These Are All The Wild Cars We Saw At The Glastonbury Festival

Carhenge is a just one of the mammoth installations you can see at Glastonbury Photo: Owen Bellwood Hundreds of thousands of revelers descended on a field in England for the Glastonbury Festival last weekend. This gathering of more than 200,000 music fans, creatives and artists takes place every year and this year packed in performances from … Read more

Land Rover Defender Octa Is A 626-HP Beast Coming For The Raptors Of The World

Land Rover is giving the Defender a huge performance and capability bump in the form of the new Defender Octa, which has finally made its debut after years of testing and spy shots. It’s got a new BMW-sourced engine, a wider stance, a revised chassis and a much beefier look, all in a bid to … Read more

At $2,950, Does This 2001 BMW X5 Mark The Spot?

BMW touts its products as “Ultimate Driving Machines,” and today’s Nice Price or No Dice X5 has certainly done a lot of driving. Let’s see if its price drives a hard bargain. I Need To Replace My Stolen BMW X5 | WCSYB? The 1977 Chevy Malibu we looked at yesterday was dressed in the livery … Read more

Jaguar’s Final F-Type Is Destined For A Museum, Celebrating 50 Years Of Sports Cars

Image: Jaguar Jaguar is getting out of the business of making sports cars, at least gasoline-powered ones. As the brand plans to transition to high-end EVs, Jag is celebrating its long history of sports cars by introducing the final edition of its most recent and last gas-powered sports car, the F-Type. Is The Lexus RC … Read more

Here’s Some Convertibles You Probably Forgot About

Image: BMW Once, there was a time where convertibles existed across the automotive spectrum. From sub-compact to full-size, there used to be a convertible for many different price points. Then the SUV/crossover was created and buyers couldn’t get enough of them , to the detriment of other segments. Today, convertibles still exist, but the segment … Read more

BMW And Jaguar Land Rover Knowingly Used Parts Produced With Chinese Slave Labor

BMW and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) are the latest manufacturers to land in hot water after the U.S. Senate Finance Committee found they both continued using parts made by a Chinese supplier that has been flagged for forced labor. BMW shipped at least 8,000 Minis containing the part after the company was informed about the … Read more

These Unreliable Cars Are Worth The Headache, According To You

Photo: Bugatti Bugatti Atlantic. Costs a ton to keep on the road enough for 10k-15k miles/ year as a daily driver, but it’s worth it for the style. I know it’ll cost a lot, but I do feel like an Atlantic is a sound investment. If you’ve got the cash, I think it’s worth it. … Read more