Polish farmers block Ukraine’s border in protest against grain imports | Agriculture News

Farmers are angry at what they say is unfair competition from cheaper imports from Poland’s war-torn neighbour and ally. Polish farmers have blocked border crossings with Ukraine, spilled Ukrainian grain and burned tyres as they intensified a nationwide protest against the import of Ukrainian foods and European Union environmental policies. Farmers from Spain to Italy … Read more

Trade leaders urge governments around world to join Red Sea defense

A ship transits the Suez Canal towards the Red Sea on January 10, 2024 in Ismailia, Egypt. Sayed Hassan | Getty Images Trade associations representing sectors across the global economy have joined an open letter urging more governments around the world to join Red Sea maritime security efforts. The letter, obtained exclusively by CNBC, was … Read more

Can Japan’s ‘safe’ minister Yoko Kamikawa become PM as Kishida’s star wanes over funding scandal?

Local reports claim the group amassed some 500 million yen in a secret slush fund, and virtually every member has been implicated, with some political pundits suggesting it could even “collapse” under the weight of the bad publicity. Kishida has launched a task force to tackle the scandal in an attempt to restore support for … Read more

Poland picks Donald Tusk as its new leader, bucking Europe’s trend to the far right

Berlin – Poland has a new prime minister, and with his clearly pro-European Union, pro-NATO stance, Donald Tusk marks a stark change from the country’s outgoing, right-wing nationalist Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. With his election victory, Tusk, a 66-year-old former European Commission president, has also become a new bearer of hope for European progressives and … Read more

Far-right Polish lawmaker Grzegorz Braun douses menorah in parliament

A far-right Polish lawmaker on Tuesday used a fire extinguisher to put out the candles in a Hanukkah menorah placed in the parliament lobby, a stunt that saw him ordered out of the assembly by the speaker of the lower chamber. “This should have never happened,” Szymon Holownia told reporters after expelling the lawmaker, Grzegorz … Read more

Ukraine border blockade persists, Russia vote plan criticized

A month-long blockade by Polish truck drivers at the Ukrainian border is delaying deliveries of battlefront necessities — and there is no end in sight for the dispute. Truckers started blocking roads to border crossings on Nov. 6, creating lines stretching nearly 20 miles and lasting weeks in freezing temperatures, and hindering the transport of … Read more