’70 To 300′ Vehicles Join Border-Bound Convoy, Not 700,000 Predicted By Organizers

The “Take Our Border Back” convoy keeps on trucking towards Eagle Pass, Texas, but the momentum and size of the group is far from what organizers hoped for. 2024 Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 | First Ride In case you weren’t aware: At a spot in Eagle Pass, the state of Texas installed razor wire along … Read more

Even Before The Revolution, America Was A Nation Of Conspiracy Theorists

Just like today, these bizarre stories often reveal deeply rooted anxieties focused on racial and religious strife and technological and economic change. FILE – FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover speaks to President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, during a White House conference, Feb. 23, 1961. The assassination of John F. … Read more

“Take Our Border Back” Convoy Is Heading To Eagle Pass

Oh boy, another convoy is on the move! This one is called the “Take Our Border Back” convoy and it kicked off a week long road trip in Virginia Beach to the Texas/Mexico border Monday where the U.S. government and the Texas state government are doing whatever is going on down there. I Need A … Read more

Trump’s Hitler rhetoric denial is part of a broader pattern

By Jill Colvin | Associated Press NEW YORK — Donald Trump has centered his unlikely rise from reality television star to onetime — and potentially future — president on the idea that he’s wiser than Washington’s bumbling political class, once going so far as to label himself a “very stable genius.” But when it comes … Read more