These Automakers Have Never Made A Bad Car, According To You

Has McLaren ever made a bad car? Photo: McLaren There are a lot of different car companies building a lot of different cars. So it stands to reason that all of them have, probably, at some point had at least one off day and built a bad car, right? To find out if this was … Read more

I Can’t Believe I Have To Say This, But 80s Cars Are Good

It could be argued that the 1980s was the greatest decade of automotive production for enthusiasts. Unlike today, manufacturers all around the world were developing street versions of racing cars, compact sports machines, hot hatchbacks, a cadre of analog machines capable of stirring your emotions. Moreover these cars were aimed at appeasing the everyman’s desires … Read more

You’ve Probably Never Heard Of The Coolest Canadian Car Ever Built

Name a car from the early 1960s built by a famed racing driver with curvy, lightweight aluminum bodywork, a big American engine, and a reputation for being unruly and fast as all hell. Your first thought was probably the famed Shelby Cobra, did you know there was a Canadian racer named David Greenblatt who built … Read more