These Are The Best Of Our Burning Questions This Week

A car typically spends a dozen years on the road in the United States. Vehicles can serve as a makeshift time capsule for design trends, so driving down the street is like journeying through different eras in time. We asked readers earlier this week which car designs aged like milk, and the comments were filled … Read more

Cheap Hyundais, Overlooked Mini Coopers And Worst Markups In The Best Car Buying Advice This Week

Photo: Adam Ismail/Jalopnik Scott lives in Baltimore and after working various gigs including a few stints on cruise ships he has what he calls a “real job” as a software engineer. However, he hasn’t driven a car in a long time and wants something fun, but not too challenging. With a $25,000 budget, what car … Read more

Weekend Car Culture Roundup March 16, 2024

A Nebraska woman exploited a glitch in gas pump software that allowed her to get nearly $30,000 worth of free gas… until the owners figured out what she was doing. Now, the 45-year-old is in a whole lot of trouble. – Andy Kalmowitz Read More Read more… FOLLOW US ON GOOGLE NEWS Read original article … Read more

Weekend News Roundup March 16, 2024

Angela Chao — billionaire sister of former Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao and sister-in-law of Mitch McConnell — died last month when her Tesla Model X sank in a manmade pond on her 900-acre Texas ranch. She was trapped in the car as it flooded, unable to open the unpowered doors, as friends and rescue … Read more

Subaru Ascent Isn’t Meeting Expectations! What Car Should I Buy

Nigel is an Aussie living in California. He has a Subaru Ascent lease that is about to expire, and the car has needed three transmission replacements. He is looking for another family crossover that can also tow about 3500 lbs. What car should he buy? We’re Driving the 2024 Subaru Crosstrek, What Do You Want … Read more

Dumbest Looking Cars, Future Bankrupt Carmakers, And The Things You Hate The Most About Your Cars

Photo: Pontiac Dodge calls the Charger EV Daytona the first EV muscle car, which may or may not be true in the era of plentiful and instantaneous torque. Whether you agree with Dodge’s designation or not, the revived Charger Daytona sure looks good. So, we asked readers what other muscle cars should be brought back as … Read more

Jalopnik’s Got The Bargains, Willy’s Jeeps, Ferraris, You Name It

Photo: Logan Carter/Jalopnik When the Volkswagen ID 4 was first introduced, it withstood serious criticism for a variety of reasons, but the one feature that everyone seemed to have a hatred for was its infotainment system, with a special deluxe level of disdain for the car’s unilluminated touch-sensitive climate control and volume sliders. – Logan … Read more

Weekend Car Buying Roundup March 02, 2024

Photo: Andy Kalmowitz / Jalopnik After living overseas for a while, Aaron and his family are returning to the US and moving to Arkansas. He is looking for a fully electric car that can handle two kids in car seats and ideally a few bicycles. With a budget of up to $45,000, what car should … Read more

Weekend QOTD Roundup February 24, 2024

Image: Jaguar Sometimes it can be amazing to watch a billion dollar corporation put millions into developing and building a new car, and then fall completely flat when it comes to marketing it. From doing no marketing, and then wondering why no one bought the car (looking at you GM) to the subject of our … Read more

Weekend Beyond Cars Roundup February 24, 2024

If you’ve got a bike, there’s a good chance it’s set up with a derailleur at the rear and a bunch of gears to help you cycle more efficiently. And while that derailleur might be controlled by cables, hydraulics or even electronics, it’s usually down to you to set it in the right place. However, … Read more