Taking a trip with one child at a time: parent child bonding vacation

Sonja Prokopec took her son on their first “solo” trip together when he was six years old. They went to Rome, and it was so memorable that Prokopec said she’s now planning their second trip this summer. “I really enjoy one-on-one time which we have when travelling alone,” she said. “There are no distractions, no … Read more

What the job is like and how much they make

Lucy Alexandra Spencer spent 16 weeks abroad last year in Oman, France, Switzerland and Portugal. Unlike with most people, traveling is how she earns — rather than spends — money. The trips are paid for by Spencer’s employers — they’re wealthy Europeans and Americans who hire her to travel with their families for weeks and, … Read more

The Eastern & Oriental luxury train is back — here’s what it costs

After nearly four years, the Eastern & Oriental Express is back on the rails.     The train, which is operated by the luxury travel company Belmond, this week welcomed its first set of passengers since it stopped running as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.    The luxury train has been operating in Southeast Asia … Read more

Record number of travelers visit city this winter

For many Chinese, Harbin conjures images of ice and steel, a city both cold and tough. But this winter, the heavily industrialized city morphed into a warmly welcoming host, drawing in a record-breaking number of visitors, mainly from China’s south. During the three-day New Year period from Dec. 30 to Jan. 1, Harbin received more … Read more

How much does ‘shoulder season’ travel save? We crunched the numbers

Nearly one in five Americans said they plan to travel less in 2024, with most citing costs as the reason , according to Intrepid Travel’s 2024 Outlook Survey. But many travelers are pressing forward, seeking ways to save without compromising their trips. And for some 70% of respondents of Intrepid’s survey, that means avoiding peak … Read more

How to find a hidden camera in a hotel room or house? We tested 5 ways

Hidden cameras are being found in hotel rooms, house rentals, cruise ships, and even airplane bathrooms, leaving many travelers to wonder: “Could a hidden camera be watching me?” Spycams, as they’re called, are getting smaller, harder to find and easier to buy. From alarm clocks to air fresheners, water bottles and toothbrush holders, cameras come … Read more

Top 9 travel experiences of 2024, according to luxury advisors

Pandemic-era lockdowns ushered in the rise of “travel experiences” — or meaningful, purpose-driven activities that take a deeper, and often slower, dive into a destination. It’s not enough to simply go to a place anymore; many want to learn about it and be mentally transformed along the way. If that sounds like a tall order … Read more

The Israel-Hamas war is affecting traveler confidence and bookings

The Israel-Hamas war is affecting travel across the Middle East and beyond. International arrivals to the region grew in the fourth quarter of 2023 — mainly owing to an increase in visitors to Saudi Arabia — to a level that matched 2019 numbers, according to the travel data company ForwardKeys. But it’s a far cry … Read more

India boycott of Maldives may cost country millions in tourism dollars

Social media posts by Maldivian officials may cost the country millions in tourism revenue, as calls by Indian travelers to boycott the island nation intensify.   “We are seeing a 40% drop in bookings over the last two days,” Ankit Chaturvedi, vice president and global head of marketing at the India-based travel software company Rategain, … Read more

Japan Rail Passes are much pricier, but the Kyun Pass may save money

A post-pandemic surge in international travelers, coupled with weak exchange rates, may have indirectly ended one of Japan’s most beloved travel deals: the Japan Rail Pass. Prices for the JR Pass, as it’s known, increased roughly 65%-75%, in October 2023. But there are still rail deals to be found — especially for those going beyond … Read more