Hire Android App Developer For These Benefits in the eCommerce Industry

Hire android app developer

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eCommerce is shown significant potential even in times of pandemics. While other industries are struggling to sustain their operations, there is substantial growth in the eCommerce industry. If you are running an eCommerce business without a mobile app, it is the right time to hire android app developer.

Studies suggest that more than 95% of retail transactions will happen on mobile phones within a few years. It is a solid reason for you to have a mobile app by hiring an android app development company. You might be wondering why we are mentioning android apps again and again. Let’s look at some statistics to know why Android is the best platform for your business app.

  • Android has around 75% market share for mobile operating systems.
  • It has more than 3 billion active users in more than 180 countries.
  • Google app store has more than 3 million applications for users.
  • In 2020 people downloaded the apps more than 110 billion times.
  • Around 1.5 billion new smartphones with android operating systems were shipped last year.
  • More than 15000 popular brands and businesses use android apps to target users.

How does an android app development company benefit your business?

 If you hire android app developer, he can guide you with all in outs of app development. He can play a vital role in deciding the strategy for a winning application for your business. Below are some of the benefits that you get by choosing a good app development company:-

Knowing the competition and competitors

The first thing that your developer will help with is understanding the competition and competitors of your niche. He can do a market analysis to find out the top apps with features.

He can guide you with those features necessary for mobile applications that meet industry standards. Ask for the requirement of market analysis while you hire android app developer.

If you do not conduct this analysis, you might fail to succeed. Every professional android app development company knows it and will guide you for a winning solution.

Choosing the best technology for your app

The technology you choose for the development of your app plays a crucial role in its success. You can’t afford to choose the wrong technology as the whole purpose of building apps will be at risk. Taking technology consultation from a reputed app development company will be a wise idea.

They can help you decide the best technology and help you hire android app developers with skills in it. They can also help you if you need a hybrid solution with components developed in different technologies. API integration will also become a breeze due to their expertise in it.

Flawless functionalities with enhanced customizations

Your business app should be the best representation of your brand and ethics. There will be hundreds of customizations to develop an app that satisfies your requirements. If you want pre-built themes or extensions, you need to modify them.

You need to hire android developer with impeccable skills for the functionalities and features you want for your business app. He will do all the customizations and integrations to ensure that your application matches the brand guidelines.

Making your application user and search engine friendly

No matter whatever functionality or features you add to your android app, it will be worthless if it is not user-friendly. Thousands of android apps are listed on the app store each month and, most of them fail to survive.

Not focusing on the user interface is the primary reason for such failures. You should take help from a competent Android app development company to ensure that your app doesn’t lack a user-friendly design. Your developer will also help to make it search engine friendly so that users can find your app easily.

Hire android app developer for secure app

You must be aware that the digital industry is prone to various types of cyber threats. Thousands of websites and apps get hacked each year and it causes the loss of revenues in millions. Even a few hours of downtime can cost a significant loss for your eCommerce business.

Your Android app development company will help you understand the security needs. You can ask them to apply the security measures so that your business remains safe from loss of data, downtime, and hackers.


These were a few benefits that you will get with your decision to hire android app developer. It is the common tendency to hire freelance developers using portals like upwork and stack overflow. We are not against it but people often face problems while working with freelancers.

There are risks of compromising your business information due to absence of legal contracts. You should prefer working with an android app development company as you get legal coverage and expert services at the same time.

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