The Complete Guide To Virtual Product Launch Event Planning

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Right from the beginning of 2020, what all we haven’t faced. One thing that became common during the period was attending the events online. Not only conferences and AGM meetings, but brands across the world also started launching their products online.

Here’s a detailed guide to help you know what virtual product launch is all about. Have a look.

What is a virtual product launch?

Like their physical counterparts, virtual product launches are the events that are organized when any brand is introducing any new product in the market. The principal objective of these events is to create a buzz and suspense about the product in the market. There’s no significant difference between both the equivalents, except that of the medium. However, one needs to plan a product launch with proper planning and strategies. Poor planning might cost the brand a lot, including its sales and reputation.

What are the benefits of a virtual product launch event?

Here we are discussing a few benefits that come with a virtual product launch event-

  1. Like all the other virtual events, Virtual product launches help you cut down on expenses.
  2. With virtual product launches, you can tap a wider audience, which is not possible in the case of physical launches due to geographical constraints.
  3. Virtual product launches enable you to generate more leads. It is because of the convenience they come with. Not only this, usage of the latest technology to introduce your product makes you stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

How to host a virtual product launch?

Start with proper research- You can’t host an efficient event without proper planning and conducting well-planned research. Study about your competitors, their strategies, their products, and how they launched their products. Apart from this, make sure you know about the companies that are selling similar products to you. According to the depth research, plan your event and include elements that will help you stand apart from the crowd.

Select a suitable virtual product launch platform- Choosing an appropriate platform for your virtual product launch is a crucial task since it is where you will execute all your plans. It won’t be wrong to say the service you choose can make or break your game. Experts suggest comparing two-three options and then making the final choice. A few factors you should consider while looking out for a platform are security, audience engagement features, and networking tools.

Promote the event- Now that you have planned your event, it’s time to spread the word about your event. Incorporate unique marketing techniques to grab the attention of your potential attendees. Make use of the platforms that your target audience engages the most attendees. You can use social media platforms, traditional media, email marketing, and paid advertising techniques for effective marketing.

Collaborate with famous faces- Collaborating with known faces of the country or region can hype up your virtual product launch. The reason behind this is we live in a world where people blindly follow stars. Partnering up with celebrities can boost the audience attendance rates at your event. Collaborate with personalities based on the kind of product you’re launching. For example, if you’re launching a new shoe model, what better than collaborating with a sportsperson?

Do a technical run- You aren’t fully prepared for any event if you haven’t gone through a technical run before the main event. There’s some reason behind the famous saying, “Precaution is better than cure.” In this case, the precaution is the rehearsal session, and cure is the embarrassment you will face if anything goes wrong. Hence, host a technical run a day or two before the launch so that even if anything goes wrong, it can get solved timely.

Interact with the audience-  Make your event more impactful by interacting with the attendees. Virtual events require more effort to keep people engaged than their in-person counterparts. Include fun activities and virtual breakout rooms to keep the attendees hooked to their screens. However, having a solution that provides you with audience engagement tools will make the job easier for you. Having attendees’ interaction tools will make the event fun for your participants and add value to their experience.

Start the pre-bookings right during the event- The idea behind hosting an impactful launch is to let people know about your upcoming product and eventually boost sales. Opening the sales just after the launch will help you start with a bang. If you successfully impress the attendees with the launch event, there is a high chance they will buy the product right away. However, it all depends on how much you can influence them during the event.

Collect Audience Feedback-  Now that you have launched your event, it’s time for you to ask your attendees how they liked the event. Send out feedback forms and get the review of your attendees, guests, and sponsors. It won’t only help you get to know the event from their perspective but also make them feel valued. You can send out surveys, follow-up questions, and even open-ended questions. Various expert services can help you with this; they automatically roll out the feedback forms as soon as the event gets over. You can get your hands on any such platform and make the job easier and seamless for you.

 What are some tips to make your virtual product launch effective?

  1. Keep the event short yet gripping. Use graphics, text, pictures, and videos to make the content immersive and impactful. Avoid including irrelevant information just to make the session longer.
  2. Always choose the platform by comparing a few options. Never compromise when it comes to the quality of the virtual event platform.
  3. Prefer to include live sessions over pre-recorded sessions. It is because live sessions engage more audiences than recorded ones.
  4. Even though it is a virtual event, it is still possible to promote two-way communication. Use features like audio/video chats, networking tables, and other tools to make communication between attendees seamless.
  5. Conduct giveaways and contests to keep the attendees hooked to the product launch. The audience will want to try their luck and participate in it. You can give away official merchandise, coupons, and other exciting prizes.
  6. A little mystery never hurt anyone. Add a surprising element to the trailer of your product launch and keep the audience wondering. It won’t only keep your attendees curious but also compel them to join the event.

Owing to the convenience and benefits they come with, virtual product launches have become quite common these days. To ensure yours stands out from the crowd, add a unique element to your strategy that will grab eyes and minds. Hopefully, this blog has helped you in getting to know virtual product launches closely. Incorporate the above-discussed ideas into your strategies and launch the product with a bang!

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