TP-Link TL WA855RE Configuration Error? What Are Possible Keys!

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Want to get a strong and very stable Wi-Fi network in your home, then with the wireless router is not possible. Because no brand route is capable of offering high-speed network connectivity throughout your home. Then, in these cases, every router’s user adopts range extender devices. Because the range extender is mainly conceived to amplify the existing Wi-Fi range and also improve the wireless coverage performance. If you are thinking about buying the range extender, then we will recommend you to buy a Tp-link TL-WA855RE WI-Fi range extender. Because it is a very powerful & finest solution for the feeble range. If you are trying to improve the range of your existing device with this range extender, then the configuration is most essential. Without the Tp-Link TL WA855RE Configuration, the range of your router does not improve. 

Moreover, without doing the configuration of your extender, the setup process is also essential. Because unless your extender is set up with the router then the configuration is not possible. To complete the tp-link tl-wa855re setup, you can adopt three ways. The three ways are web-based setup, Tether app, & WPS button. By adopting these ways, you can reliably perform the setup. 

What is the reason due to the Tp-Link TL WA855RE Configuration issue occurring?  

If the user of the Tp-link extender faces configuration error repeatedly, then there could be multiple reasons. Before solving the configuration error, the user must know the reasons. Because before solving any problem, it is good to know its issue. Let us start with the reasons which create hurdles in the configuration.

  • If there is a configuration issue then my most likely reason would be that the power of the extender is not on.
  • Secondly, your extender is not set up with the router.
  • The setup may be incomplete.
  • The greater distance puts a barrier between the router and the extender.
  • Not accessing the correct login panel of the range extender. 
  • Maybe the firmware of the tl-wa855re extender is outdated. 
  • Unstable network connectivity error. 

Troubleshooting tips for TP-Link TL WA855RE Configuration Error

After understanding some major issues, you should be able to solve the problem. Now you can easily solve the problem without any hassle. Let us start with the step-by-step solutions.

Place the Tp-Link range extender closer to your router

To resolve the configuration error, firstly you have to select the correct location of your tl-wa855re extender. Because the location is the major factor causing the configuration error. The impeccable location of your N300 extender is closer to your router. Because if you place your extender near the router only then it will be able to connect. If the position of the extender is away from the router, then setup is not possible and neither is the configuration. Therefore, you always place the TL-WA855RE range extender too close to the router. In other words, the location of both devices in one room. 

Setup the Tp-link TL-WA855Re Extender with the router

After deciding the position of your Tp-Link range extender, you will do the setup of this extender. The setup of the N300 Wi-Fi range extender is most important. To complete the setup of the extender, you can pick anyway. If you want to get set up quickly without using any cable, then in this situation, adopt WPS Setup. To complete the TL-WA855RE setup, you have to determine the power. If the power of the extender is solid ON, then you will be capable of completing the setup. 

To complete the Tp-Link N300 range extender setup with the WPS button. Initially, you have to push up the WPS button in your extender. Additionally, you can also push up the WPS button of your extender. Now the LED light of the extender turns solid green.  

Obtain the correct tl-wa855re login page with the default IP

After completing the setup of the N300 range extender, you have to obtain the login page. To obtain the login page, you have to select the preferred browser on your mobile phone or also computer. If you launch the browser on your computer then it is good. Now, you have to utilize the search bar and properly mention http //192.168.l.0.254 tp link extender, click the search tab. Afterward, you will see the login page on your computer. 

 Configure the N300 range extender 

On the setup wizard, basically, you have to pick the wireless setting. Under this setting, you have to configure the network name, password, security encryption, & even wireless channel. Then, go to the advanced setting & also configure this setting in the proper way. After configuring all settings, you have to pick the save tab. 

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