The Beauty and the Beast Necklace Love Story

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The Beauty and the Beast Necklace

Once upon a time, there was a very rich businessman who had six children, three boys and three girls. Since he was an intelligent man, he did not spend money on his education and gave him all kinds of teachers. Her daughters are very beautiful, especially the youngest. When she was young, everyone admired her and called her “beauty.” The name comes from a beautiful woman who is very jealous of her sisters.

The youngest is better than her siblings because she is beautiful. Her children are very proud of their wealth. Familiar with the ridiculous atmosphere, he did not go to the daughters of other merchants and did not go with anyone but the prince. Go to parties, balls, plays, concerts, etc. every day. She goes and laughs at her little sister who spends most of her time reading good books.

Because he was known for amassing great wealth, many famous merchants attached their titles to him. But the eldest said he would not marry, at least not until he met the Duke or Earl. She politely thanked the beauty for her vacation and said that she was too young to get married, but decided to stay with her father for many years.

The merchant immediately lost his property, moved to a house in a small village far from the city, and with tears streaming down his face, ordered his children to earn a living. The two boys said they would not leave the city despite being unlucky and were happy with their presence. But good women are wrong because their lovers look down on them and put them in trouble. All this is because they are disliked for their arrogance.

They do not deserve pity and we are more than happy to see their pride humiliated, let them go and create a good breastfeeding environment for us. But he added that we take care of the camels, they are loving and gentle, kind to the poor and have a smile and a helpful attitude. No, many men will marry her even if they know she is not a penny. But he told them that unfortunately, he could not even think of leaving his poor father, and he intended to go to the country with him to calm himself and survive. The unfortunate beauty was initially saddened by the loss of her fortune. But he said to himself, If I weep so vainly, I must strive to be happy without wealth.

Once inside the hut, the merchant and his three sons devoted themselves to hoarding and farming. And the beautiful woman got up at four in the morning and ran to clean the house. Dinner was prepared for the family. At first, it was difficult for her because she was not used to working as a maid but in less than two months she became stronger and healthier than before. After work, he reads, gambles, or sings while spinning.

On the other hand, her two sisters do not know how to spend time. At that time she would wake up, do nothing all day, mourn the loss of her beautiful clothes and loved ones. They began to say to each other, “There is nothing we can do. Look at our brother, how poor, stupid and ugly he is.”

The idea of   a good businessman is quite different. She knew in that look that beauty was more important than the faces and souls of her sisters, and admired their kindness and skill, but above all, their politeness and patience. The siblings not only let her do all the housework but also insulted her every minute.

The family was isolated for about a year when the merchant received a message that the ship had arrived safely. The news impressed the two older girls, who were hoping to return to the city soon, where they were very careful about living in the country. When he saw his father getting ready to go out, he asked him to buy clothes, handkerchiefs, ribbons and all kinds of bags. But the beautiful woman did not ask for anything, believing that her father’s money would not be enough to buy everything for her sisters.

“What do you want, Jamal?” Her father said.

“Since you have a right to think of me, please bring me a rose, because no one grows here, which is very rare.” It’s not that beauty is looking at a flower, but she wants something that doesn’t look like an example to test the behaviour of her siblings, who say she did it just to look special.

The good man went out, but when he got there he went with him into the courtyard of the trade, and after pointless toil and suffering he returned as poor as before. Read More Click Here

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