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With Season 3 of Warzone about to launch on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, Activision has finally revealed patch notes for the new Call of Duty update. The Season 3 update introduces a brand new set of rewards to unlock, courtesy of the latest Battle Pass. This includes new Operators such as Snoop Dogg and Makarov, as well as three new weapons and lots of other cosmetics. Then there’s the return of Rebirth Island, which is largely the same as before, albeit with one new POI and some other secrets for players to discover. New game modes include Bootcamp, which will give squads the chance to test their skills against bots and human opposition before dropping into a full match. Of course, a new update isn’t just about new maps and modes, but also a chance for Activision to make major balance changes and bug fixes. You can check it out by looking at the Warzone Season 3 patch notes below…


Squad Play Bonus

• System rewards players with additional Player, Weapon, and Battle Pass XP for playing consecutive matches with squadmates.

• Individual bonuses increase incrementally if players finish a match with at least one of the following conditions met:

 – The player has at least one friend in their party

 – The player queued with Squad Fill enabled

 – The player queued with Stay with Squad enabled at the end of the previous match

• Here is a breakdown of bonus progression for consecutive matches:

 – First – 1000

 – Second – 1500

 – Third – 3000

 – Fourth & Above – 5000

Cinematic & Infil Improvements

• We’ve increased the amount of time players are on screen to improve the overall flow and better showcase player operators.

Pick 5 Challenges Quality of Life

• Players may now select up to 5 challenges for easier tracking.



All Maps | All Modes

• Buy Station Shuffle

 – We have adjusted buy station locations to encourage new combat scenarios and strategies.

• Squad Assemble New Mechanic

 – On infil, squads that touch ground within close proximity will get additional experience, cash, and an Advanced Supply UAV.

 – This is disabled in Ranked, Lockdown and Plunder.

Urzikstan, Vondel | Battle Royale

• Climb & Punishment New Gulag Public Event

 – Gulag rounds have chance to trigger public event that drops 2 ladders for opportunity for both players to leave the arena alive.

 – In addition to redeployment, players are rewarded with $3,500 in cash for using this mechanic.

Rebirth Island | Resurgence

• Biometrics Scanner

 – Biometric scanners are scattered across Rebirth Island.

 – Once per match, players who interact with one will receive a keycard with unique gameplay benefit when traded at Buy Station.

 – Using biometric scanners with a squad member closeby increases the odds of receiving better keycards.

• Smart Displays

 – Smart Displays can be found across Rebirth Island both inside and outside of buildings.

 – These displays will can provide players with useful information including:

   – High Activity Rate – Which POI has a large population of players.

   – First Player – Which player first reaches 10/15/25 eliminations.

   – Biometric Scanner – Which player has been lucky enough to find a Polyatomic or Orion keycard.

• Spy Drones New Contract

 – Eliminate a swarm of drones to receive useful rewards including up to 4 P.R.D.s and an AUAV.

 – This is the perfect contract to get intel and reposition your squad quickly.

• Staged Weapons

 – Similar to the previous iteration of Rebirth, we’ve included a series of hand-selected locations across the island that have a chance of spawning high quality weaponry for players to find.

• Squad Rage New Field Upgrade

 – Squad Rage applies the exact effects of Battle Rage to all squad members within close proximity.

• Resurgence Champion’s Quest

 – Expect the greatest Resurgence challenge conceivable as players must reduce 3 massive Resurgence timers within a very limited amount of time. Unforgiving, this quest will leave no room for mistakes.


• Decreased obstructive VFX while firing MWII Weapons to align with MWIII standards.

• Removed variance from ADS Idle Sway, allowing a predictable sway pattern.


• Heavy Bolts

 – Added initial aim accuracy benefit to all Heavy Bolts for Sniper Rifles.

• Cronen INTLAS MSP-12 Optic

 – Laser is no longer visible to enemies at the hip.

• SL Razorhawk Laser Light

 – Flashlight is no longer visible to enemies at the hip.

 – Laser is no longer visible to enemies at the hip.

• CS15 Scarlet Box Laser

 – Laser is no longer visible to enemies.

• Verdant Hook Box Laser

 – Laser is no longer visible to enemies at the hip.

• VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor Muzzle

 – Increased sprint to fire speed penalty to 5%, up from 2%.

• L4R Flash Hider Muzzle

 – Decreased horizontal recoil control benefit to 10%, down from 13%.

• DR-6 Handstop Underbarrel

 – Decreased aim down sight movement speed benefit by 3-4%, dependent upon Weapon Class.

• Bruen Heavy Support Grip Underbarrel

 – Decreased horizontal recoil control benefit to 8%, down from 12%.


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