Where to find Applin, Flapple & Appletun in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Published: 2022-11-24T16:05:57

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Applin, Flapple and Appletun are all apple-themed Pokemon who return in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Here’s where to find a wild Applin and how to obtain both of its evolved forms, Flapple and Appletun.

Applin, Flapple, and Appletun are returning fruit Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. Each one is a dual Grass/Dragon-type Pokemon that made its debut in Gen 8 of the franchise. Each Pokemon resembles an apple with some dragon-like elements in its design. Applin also has two evolutionary forms and the one you get depends on the apple item you expose it to.

Below we’ll cover where you can catch Applin and how to evolve the little dragon fruit into either a Flapple or an Appletun in the game, as you’ll have a choice of which evolved form to use.

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applinThe Pokemon Company

Applin likes to hide in trees.

Where to find Applin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Applin can be found hiding in the trees in South Province (Area Four), West Province (Area Three), and the Tagtree Thicket in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. However, they are quite rare and sometimes difficult to track down.

Once you’ve spotted an Applin up in the trees, get on your Koraidon or Miraidon (depending on which version of the game you own) and dash into the tree to knock it down to the ground.

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Wild Applin are generally at a low level and are quite simple to catch once one spawns. Our advice is to catch more than one so you can obtain both evolved forms.

Where to find Flapple and Appletun in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The evolved forms of Applin, Flapple and Appletun, don’t have a natural habitat in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The only way to obtain either form is by evolving an Applin and using certain items.

How to evolve Applin into Flapple or Appletun in Scarlet & Violet

Applin evolves into Flapple when exposed to a Tart Apple item or Appletun when exposed to a Sweet Apple item.

You can purchase a Tart Apple or a Sweet Apple from the Delibird Presents stores in Mesagoza, Cascarrafa, and Levincia after you’ve defeated three Gym Leaders.

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Applin itemsThe Pokemon Company

The Tart Apple will allow Applin to evolve into Flapple

Both apple items are available in both Scarlet and Violet versions, meaning you can obtain both Appletun and Flapple in either game.

So there you have it, how to find Applin, Flapple and Appletun in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Those looking to find out more about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet can check out our other guides below:

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