Tricks to Make learning Of The Holy Quran Easier

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We are living in a very fast era. Where everyone wants to do things in minimum time. In the same way, many Muslims want to learn the Quran quickly. Many people are not ready to leave their houses due to the pandemic and weather issues. But still, they want to learn the Quran.

So, what can be done? Well, due to the pandemic, numerous businesses and institutes have switched to online learning. Similarly, several Quran teaching institutes have opted for the online Quran teaching method as well. Thus the Muslims who were unable to learn the Holy Quran due to a variety of reasons can now learn the Holy Quran online.

Taking the learn Quran online services is easy and simple. You can get several benefits and numerous of your problems can be solved. But that is not it. You still have to apply a few tricks and tips to learn the Holy Quran easily.

Tips and Tricks To Learn Quran Online

Listen the Quran

The benefits of listening to the Holy Quran recitation with a profound and concentrated heart are tremendous. As a result, listening to the Holy Quran might be the initial step in learning the Quran

Renew You Intention

Before each recitation of the Quran, concentrate on reaffirming your purpose. Begin in Allah’s name, for Allah’s sake, and Allah’s pleasure. Allah has promised that if we can attain it, He will make it easy for us. If you put your mind to it, memorizing the Quran will become as delightful as going on a walk.

Make A Strong Determination

When beginning the process of memorizing the Quran, when in the middle of it, and even thereafter, when he or she must return to what he or she has recalled to preserve it in his memory, a person should have such a purpose. Without this rigorous dedication, a person would approach the situation with levity, quickly become exhausted, and fail to meet his objective.

Set Proper Time and Place

It is proved that our learning will enhance if we set a proper schedule. So set a proper time and place of learning. If you have a proper place of learning you will not get distracted by the environment or by the surrounding. On the other hand, when you set a proper time of learning the Quran you will not miss any day and learn Quran in a flow.

Use Flashcards to Your Benefit

A flashcard is a piece of card-carrying information on both sides, such as words or numbers, and is frequently referred to as a flashcard. It’s a frequent learning strategy for helping people remember things.

You can remember verses by writing them down on flashcards and saving them in your free time so that you can repeat them and never forget them.

Start From Easy Surah

When you are learning the Quran, always start with short and easy surahs. In this way, you will get motivated and you will complete your Quran easily and quickly. When you start learning Quran from long surah you will leave that without completing it.

Repeat in your Salah

Whenever you learn a new Ayat or surah repeat that in your daily prayers. In this way, you will never forget that surah and learn Quran more easily.

Learn From Same Mushaf

The most vital element, however, is to memorize the same mus’haf. We don’t simply remember what we’ve learned verbally or semantically; we also remember what we’ve learned visually and spatially. When we memorize from the same book over and over, we remember not just the information but also the word placement.

Remove all The Source Of Distraction

Gadgets are always distracting, and our attention span is shrinking. As a result, we must turn off our laptops, phones, tablets, iPods, iPads, and all other electronic devices before sitting down to memorize the Quran. Select a location that is calm and devoid of visual and audible disturbances.

Take Help From Online Quran Teacher

Learning Quran online is easy and effective. Hiring an online Quran tutor is the best way of learning the Quran. Online Quran tutors are experts and professionals. They will help in learning Quraneasily and fastly.

Joining Online Quran Academy

If you are unable to find a Quran teacher. Join online Quran academia. There are many online Quran academies. They have professional Quran tutors. They provide several benefits and facilities. Here are some benefits of learning Quran Online

Effective Online Quran Classes

Online Quran classes are effective and distraction-free. There is the facility of one-to-one classes. If you want to learn the Quran online alone. You can schedule your classes like that.

Flexible Timetable

Setting your own time is another benefit of learning the Quran online. In this way, you will learn the Quran easily whenever you are free to learn Quran.

Online Quran Classes

Online Quran classes are distraction-free. You have more time of learning. The interaction between teacher and student is strong as there isn’t any third person in the class.



Learning Quran is an easy task, if you learn by heartland you have proper motivation. You can use different tips and tricks. Tips and tricks help you in many ways. In this article, multiple tricks will help you in Quran learning.

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