Dealership Sued For Taking Back Man’s New Car Two Weeks Later After Already Selling His Trade-In

One of the worst things that can happen when buying a new car is finding out that you didn’t actually get approved for it after the fact. Some car buyers are catching on to the bullshit sales tactic and fighting back, like one customer who’s suing the dealership that screwed him over with “yo-yo financing.” … Read more

Dealership Sics Cops On Customer For Stealing A Car After Losing Loaner Agreement

Taking your car in for service is always a pain. It’s even worse when the dealer needs to keep your car, and hands you a loaner — sure, it gets you to work and back, but you need to re-pair your phone and re-save all your radio stations. Worst of all, though, is when the … Read more

This Kia EV9 Finance Deal Is The Worst I’ve Ever Seen

Image: Kia A sucker walks into a new car dealership every minute. Dealership showroom floors are practically delivery rooms for freshly-born suckers. There are shiny new cars on the floor, and rapacious young sales professionals just waiting to lure you into something you can’t afford, don’t need, or otherwise shouldn’t own. I’ve seen them work … Read more

BMW Owner Suing Dealer Who Denied Her A Loaner Vehicle Because Of Her Service Dog

A dealership may be on the hook for a nice chunk of change for denying a loaner to a customer. Automotive News reports a customer is suing a Southern California dealership over not giving her a loaner vehicle because she has a service dog. BMW 3T Electric Gravel Bike | Jalopnik Reviews The incident happened … Read more

Delusional Dealer Thinks Barely Driven Ford Focus Is Somehow A Collector’s Item Worth $20,000

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Ohio Luxury Dealer Accused Of Scamming Expensive Car Buyers

It seems like everywhere you look, a car dealer is trying some shady behavior, and today’s story comes by way of Ohio’s NBC 4 and features Lux Auto Depot, a luxury car dealership in Ohio. Feds Want To Stop Shady Car Sales The ordeal started when Florida realtor Stephen Jayne saw a 2019 Lamborghini Urus … Read more