Tesla wants to woo China customers with cheaper cars after Musk defers India visit plan

Tesla Inc. has reduced prices for all its vehicles in China, according to its official website, as the US car giant faces stiff competition from China while its boss Elon Musk also had to defer visit to India that would open up a new big market for the company. This move follows price cuts on … Read more

Warning signs for Tesla as EVs surge

Tesla is in a bad spot. The world’s largest electric carmaker on Monday told employees it would lay off more than 10% of its workforce, and two senior executives said they were leaving. Earlier this month Tesla announced a stunning drop in sales, delivering 387,000 cars worldwide in the first quarter, down 8.5% from the … Read more

More Bad News For Tesla

Tesla had a really rough first quarter of 2024, and unfortunately for Elon Musk’s automaker, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be an isolated incident. Industry analysts are now expecting deliveries for the entire 2024 calendar year to be noticeably down when compared to 2023. The Hype Behind Tesla Stock Success In 2023 One … Read more

Elon Musk Claims ‘Limited Understanding’ Of Why He’s Being Sued After Tweets Forced A Family To Flee Their Home

Elon Musk is no stranger to court proceedings, but you wouldn’t know that reading this deposition that was released Monday. Musk was deposed in a lawsuit over the Tesla CEO falsely tweeting that a college kid from a different state was secretly a federal agent sent to disguise himself as a neo-Nazi and start a … Read more

Tesla Investors Pissed At Elon Musk For Being A ‘Part Time’ CEO

Tesla investors are getting tired of Elon Musk’s antics (just like would-be buyers), and they are not a fan of another record payday for the CEO if he continues to be a “part-time” CEO. Shareholders are soon expected to vote on a new compensation deal for Musk at this year’s annual meeting after a Delaware … Read more

Anyone Can Apply To NASA For The Next Moon Mission

Photo: NASA/Ben Smegelsky NASA is looking for its next class of astronauts as the space agency ramps up its efforts to establish a permanent human presence on the Moon. While the public is free to apply online until April 16, the strict requirements mean that only a small sliver of the population has the flight … Read more

What's A Little Panel Gap Between Friends (And The Terrifying Vacuum Of Space)?

Elon Musk wants to go to Mars, for reasons that seem explicable only to him. Scientists think this is a dumb goal, and that the world’s on-and-off richest man should do something else with all that engineering talent he’s accrued at SpaceX. Really, anything else. Read more… FOLLOW US ON GOOGLE NEWS Read original article … Read more

Tesla Is Giving Away A Free Month Of Full Self-Driving To Any Fool Who Will Trust It

Tesla is now going to offer U.S. customers a one-month free trial of its Full Self-Driving beta driver-assist system, according to a post on X from company CEO Elon Musk. The move comes as demand for electric vehicles softens and a price war among EV makers rages on. Both factors have hurt Tesla’s sales and … Read more

Debris From SpaceX’s Blown-Up Starship Are Hot Ticket Items On eBay

Elon Musk’s private space company SpaceX lost both launch vehicles in Starship’s first two test flights. Now, debris from those explosions is now fetching four-figure sums online, and SpaceX has taken a lax stance on recovering its spacecraft. According to Bob: Public Transit Is a Car Enthusiast’s Best Friend While Starship is known for exploding and … Read more

elon musk: Tesla’s troubles raise questions about its invincibility

Elon Musk appeared to be in a defiant mood Wednesday when he stood before employees at Tesla’s factory near Berlin a week after an arsonist set fire to a high-voltage power pylon and brought production to a standstill. “They can’t stop us,” Musk, the company’s CEO, told workers in a giant tent beside the plant. … Read more