Death of 4-month-old daughter of Inland couple on Lake Havasu is under investigation – Daily News

An Inland couple is mourning the death of their infant daughter as Arizona authorities investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of the 4-month-old, who lapsed into unconsciousness on a boat during an abnormally hot day on Lake Havasu. The mother is Alyssa Wroblewski, according to a GoFundMe page established to raise money for funeral expenses. … Read more

See how many slogans you can match to candidates – Daily News

With the first political convention of the summer being held July 15-18, we test your knowledge of candidate slogans of today and the past. Slogan quiz Every politician tries to boil down their hundreds of promises and long speeches into one succinct slogan. The first campaign to use advertising and slogans was William Henry Harrison … Read more

Dead mountain lion found on 405 Freeway near Getty Museum – Daily News

A mountain lion was found dead on the northbound 405 Freeway, off of Sepulveda Blvd. near The Getty Museum, California Highway Patrol officials confirmed. Police received reports of a deceased animal around 2:31 p.m. on Thursday, July 4 and responded, a CHP officer said Thursday. They identified the animal and called the state Department Fish … Read more

Judge’s ruling a ‘gut-punch’ in Linda Cummings’ case – Daily News

Orange County Superior Court Department C-35 Oct. 9, 2009 Louis Wiechecki, in a suit and tie, sat at the counsel table in Judge Frank Fasel’s eighth-floor courtroom awaiting the most important judicial ruling in his life. Editor’s note Former Orange County Register reporter Larry Welborn covered Linda Cummings’ story from 1974 until his retirement in … Read more

Samuel Woodward, who killed Blaze Bernstein, convicted of hate-crime murder by Orange County jury – Daily News

Six and a half years after a weeklong community search ended with the discovery of Blaze Bernstein’s body in a makeshift grave at the edge of a Lake Forest community park, the former classmate who admitted to carrying out the killing was convicted Wednesday, July 3 of murder. An Orange County Superior Court jury, following … Read more

An uphill battle as Southern California cities try to combat illegal Fourth of July fireworks – Daily News

As the Fourth of July looms each year, Southern California’s police and fire agencies battle a predictable crime: illegal fireworks that will be set off for hours on end, rattling neighborhoods and lighting up the sky. The dangerous effects of the illicit devices are just as predictable, among them injuries, fires, dense smoke and emotional … Read more

Rental security deposits in California cut substantially under new law – Daily News

Rental security deposits in California will be cut substantially under a new law that limits them to one-month’s rent. The cost to move into a furnished rental in California will be cut in half under Assembly Bill 12, which took effect Monday, July 1. For an unfurnished unit, maximum move-in costs will be a third less. … Read more

John Force showing daily signs of improvement, but remains in ICU – Daily News

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — NHRA drag racing great John Force is showing “daily signs of improvement” in a neurological intensive care unit a week after a fiery, 300 mph crash at the Virginia Nationals, according to his team. John Force Racing said Sunday that the 75-year-old Force has been able to respond to commands including giving a … Read more

We’ve heard of helicopter parents. But what about helicopter adult children? – Daily News

Q. My daughter visits once or twice a year from her home, which is hundreds of miles away from where I live. She told me I must stop driving, should have a college student live with me and hire someone to clean my house, delivering these admonishments very firmly. I subsequently passed my driving test, … Read more