If You Have A Spare $60,000 Lying Around, You Should Go Buy This Toyota GR Yaris

Image: Built For Backroads Auto enthusiasts in North America lost their minds when Toyota introduced the GR Yaris in 2020. It was hot hatch incarnate: 268 horsepower turbocharged engine, all-wheel drive, light hatchback body style. Sadly it was not for us as it was initially a homologation special just for Europe. Thankfully, Toyota did us a … Read more

Tesla Backs Off Goal Of Building 20 Million Cars A Year By 2030

Good morning! It’s Friday, May 24, 2024, and this is The Morning Shift, your daily roundup of the top automotive headlines from around the world, in one place. Here are the important stories you need to know. Tesla Had A Very Interesting Week 1st Gear: Production Is Waning At Tesla Tesla is having a right … Read more

Early Minivans Sure Were Weird

Ask most people nowadays what a minivan looks like and they’d likely be able to provide an accurate description, but in the early days of the minivan things weren’t so clear. Many automakers’ early designs were varied, with some minivans utilizing truck chassis and a rear-wheel-drive configuration. It didn’t take automakers long to reach a … Read more

Weekend Car Buying Roundup May 25, 2024

Photo: Subaru There’s always going to be something special about spending hours poring over reviews and research until you find the best, most perfect car that could ever fit your needs. Sadly, once you’ve settled on a new car to buy, you’re also probably far from the only one to decide that a new Toyota … Read more

Toyota Thinks It Needs To Build The GR Corolla Of SUVs

Photo: Toyota Ask 100 people, and we’d be surprised if more than one of them had any idea what Gazoo Racing was or how it is related to Toyota. And yet, from the GR 86 to the GR Corolla, Toyota’s GR division has been turning out some incredible performance cars lately. We’re big fans even … Read more

2024 Ford F-150 Tremor Makes Off-Roading In A Truck Feel Easy

Now more than ever before, automakers are catering to customers that genuinely want to go overlanding or off-roading (or at least look like they do), introducing trim levels of everything from hatchbacks and minivans to pickups and large SUVs that are designed to be better in the rough stuff. Reintroduced as a trim level with … Read more

2025 Honda Civic Hybrid Makes 200 HP, 232 LB-FT Of Torque

Typically, the news that an automaker has just announced a new hybrid version of a compact sedan isn’t all that exciting. For example, when Honda announced the new Insight, we did write about it, but we didn’t exactly have much to say. With the Insight dead again, though, Honda needed something to replace it — … Read more

Cadillac Doesn’t Plan To Offer Any Hybrids

Image: Cadillac GM is rethinking its EV investment and finally coming around to what Toyota seems to be selling a ton of: hybrids. The first of these hybrids were needed yesterday, but we won’t be seeing them until 2027. That’s when every GM division will roll out a hybrid or plug-in hybrid model. Just don’t … Read more

Deadly VinFast Crash Probed By Safety Regulators

Good morning! It’s Chewsday, May 21, 2024, and this is The Morning Shift, your daily roundup of the top automotive headlines from around the world, in one place. Here are the important stories you need to know. Tesla’s Cybertruck Has Finally Arrived 1st Gear: VinFast Crash That Killed Four Sparks Probe The National Highway Traffic … Read more

Someone Is Already Trying To Flip A 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser

Image: Bring A Trailer Here we are again, folks. Just when things seem to be calming down with the car market, someone lets their bank account get the better of them and starts things up again. The 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser just started arriving at dealers across the country a month or so ago. I … Read more