Top Shopify Apps to Grow your Store in 2022

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The most important factor in the E-commerce market is trust. Shopify, a multinational E-commerce firm based in Canada, is one of the largest in the industry. The popular online web-store construction platform is an ideal E-commerce option, with the industry forecasting a $6 trillion market by 2022. Furthermore, the Shopify App for mobile E-commerce and eCommerce has seen significant growth around the world, with over 18,000 domains running on Shopify apps.

Email marketing, secure checkout, shipments, and speed optimization are at the top of the totem pole for Shopify apps in 2022, according to B2b rating and review platform.

Shopify, like many other competitors and solutions on the market, comes fully loaded with sophisticated and complex apps that provide a variety of critical features to help you properly monetise your web store.

These applications are available in both premium and free versions, so if you’re ready, let’s begin with the Top 10 Shopify Apps for eCommerce Store.

Shopify Apps for Ecommerce Stores: The Ultimate Guide

Here are the details below…

App for a Simple Shipping Bar

A shipping bar is a terrific method to optimize your website with a floating banner that encourages customers to complete the checkout process. It’s a simple slide-out bar that accentuates free shipping offers to increase sales in your online store.

Inventive Features

  • The service creates an automatic system that displays the entire amount in the user’s shopping basket.
  • The app has a shopping-friendly button with a variety of deals and discounts.
  • This is especially beneficial in terms of increasing overall sales revenue.

What Makes It a Perfect Match?

The most trusted app keeps customers/users engaged while boosting conversions and order value. Furthermore, this free shipping bar is totally customised to your store’s needs, and it inspires clients at the correct time by sending out updates about the most recent promotion.


The Shipping Bar app is completely free, and merchants and store owners can easily use it.

App for Finding Update Auto Parts

It’s yet another simple yet powerful software that allocates products to AAPS records in APPS sections. It’s a fantastically configurable tool that allows customers to quickly locate the correct part and check its availability online or in the web store. The advanced auto part app is always available for quick and easy purchases.

Inventive Features

  • The software is simple to set up, with many filters and templates that are simple to use, and it has dependable designs.
  • The app provides a fantastic way for users to look for products instantly from a large database.
  • Customers may rapidly search for the right product they need with only a few clicks after the app is installed.

What Makes It a Perfect Match?

It’s simple to use the auto part search app and assign several AAPS records to many products at once. Furthermore, the programme features infinite search and CSV file import, allowing you to begin working on a workbook in Excel.


To gain access to such cutting-edge features, you must subscribe to a $3.99 per month plan.

App for Easy eCommerce Polling

The eCommerce customisable poll software may be used to construct a poll for a survey regarding client feedback on your site. Positive feedback and reviews are critical for a store’s success, and this app assists store owners with reviews. This app also aids in the acquisition of new clients.

Inventive Features

This app is simple to set up and operate. You can use this software to construct your own survey at any moment without having to know how to code.

The software is completely customisable, so you may make it exactly how you want it. You can change it to fit your website’s design.

You can build an unlimited number of polls using this software. You are free to create as many polls as you like.

What Makes It a Perfect Match?

The store owners will benefit immensely from this poll software since they will be able to generate an endless number of polls to conduct surveys. The site’s proprietors can build a poll for a survey on the site’s and its products’ reviews. Positive evaluations attract more customers to the site, so this app will help to attract more clients.


This programme is available to download right now for free. Installing this software is completely free.


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