These Car Options Are Absolutely Worth The Money, Readers Say

Nearly every disposable appliance cookie cutter commuter cars have what I consider ‘must-haves’ as minimum standard already. Specifically, CarPlay. BUT for niche sportscars or performance variants, buying the ‘Performance Package’ or the performance trim is a must. That generally includes an LSD. Sometimes, upgraded brakes and suspension too. Which to me is crazy, since all … Read more

Weekend News Roundup February 17, 2024

Loads of people feel skittish on the job and can be spooked by the slightest noise, but if you’re that kind of person it’s maybe not a good idea to have a career that lets you loose on the streets with a loaded weapon. Something Florida cops are likely to consider after video emerged this … Read more

Could A Mazda Miata Win The 1959 Indianapolis 500?

When car enthusiasts get together in groups, it’s inevitable that the bench racing hypotheticals will start flying. If Betty White was driving a Viper, do you think you could beat her in a race driving your Toyota Celica? Would Michael Schumacher in his prime beat Fangio if they were both driving the same car? How … Read more