World Health Organization issues global alert over fake Ozempic

(NewsNation) — The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a warning about fake weight loss medication claiming to contain the active ingredients in the diabetes drug Ozempic and weight loss treatment Wegovy. Since 2022, WHO has observed increased reports of falsified semaglutide and other GLP-1 products worldwide; however, this first official notice was issued following confirmation of … Read more

No reports of counterfeit Ozempic in Canada amid WHO warning – National

Health Canada says it has not received any reports of counterfeit Ozempic in the country after the World Health Organization issued a warning about fake batches of the popular diabetes drug detected in some countries. The WHO warning on Thursday was about three falsified lots of Ozempic that were detected in the United States in … Read more

Ozempic users are buying smaller clothing sizes. Here’s how else GLP-1 drugs are changing consumers.

Ozempic users are consuming fewer calories, and as a result are buying smaller sizes to fit their newly svelte bodies or, in some cases, are choosing more revealing fashion styles.  Some clothing brands have noted their customers are buying new clothing items that are multiple sizes down, which they suspect is likely due to the … Read more

Michigan insurer plans to drop coverage for weight loss drugs

(NewsNation) — As weight loss drugs like Ozempic and Wegozy are soaring in popularity, some insurers are looking to drop the medications, possibly costing patients thousands in out-of-pocket expenses. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is one such insurer. Beginning in January 2025, around 10,000 people in the state will lose coverage. Companies aren’t entirely … Read more

Weight loss jabs not a quick fix to get beach-body ready, warns top NHS doc

Powerful weight loss jabs are not “a quick fix for people trying to get ‘beach body ready’” this summer, England’s top doctor has warned. Medics have sounded the alarm over patients ending up in A&E with life-threatening complications linked to the drugs. And health chiefs are increasingly concerned that people who do not meet strict … Read more

Weight loss jabs have ‘enormous potential’ to cut risk of obesity-related cancers

The jabs have already been shown to prevent heart problems and reverse diabetes (Image: Getty) Weight loss jabs such as Ozempic have “enormous potential” as a new weapon in the fight against cancer, leading experts say. The revolutionary medicines have already been proven to reverse diabetes and slash the risk of heart attacks and strokes. … Read more

Lizzo Reacts To Jokes About Her In Ozempic ‘South Park’ Special

Lizzo is sharing her thoughts on becoming the subject of the new obesity-themed “South Park” episode. “My worst fear has been actualized,” the pop star told fans in a TikTok video on Saturday as she prepared to watch the special for the first time. “I’ve been referenced in a South Park episode. I’m so scared. … Read more

‘I lost a stone after using weight-loss drug – the cost was worth it’

A teenager who was left feeling suicidal due to his weight lost one stone using an Ozempic-style weightloss drug. As diabetes medicine Mounjaro, dubbed the “King Kong” of weight loss, has recently been approved for treating weight loss issues in the UK, teen media personality Charlie Michael Baker told the Express about his own experience … Read more

‘Game-changer’ weight loss jab study sparks race for prescriptions

Pharmacies reported a surge in enquiries following promising research (Image: Getty) The discovery that weight loss jabs could be the biggest heart health breakthrough since statins has sparked a stampede for prescriptions. Pharmacies reported increases of more than 400 percent in demand for consultations from people wanting to access the drugs this week. The rush … Read more

Wegovy now in Canada: Who should (and shouldn’t) use the weight-loss drug – National

After years of persistent shortages, Canadians can now access Wegovy, an on-label weight loss medication, made by the same manufacturers of Ozempic. Novo Nordisk’s drug officially hit the shelves on Monday, marking its availability despite being greenlit in Canada since 2021. Wegovy’s arrival holds promise for those battling obesity and diabetes. Yet, as excitement brews, … Read more