These Are The Best Obscure Concept Cars According To Our Readers

1996 Ford IndiGo V12 Concept Ford Indigo. Cross between a Plymouth Prowler and an IndyCar with the soul of a go-cart. Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Man, what the Plymouth Prowler really needed was a V12?” Oh, all of you? Well then you’ll be happy to know that Ford actually built and still owns … Read more

Hyundai: Expect rural sales contribution at record levels this fiscal: Hyundai

NEW DELHI: Hyundai Motor India expects sales contribution from rural areas to remain at record levels in the current fiscal as well on account of various factors including anticipation of a favourable monsoon, according to a senior company executive. The country’s second-largest automaker, which sells models like Creta and Venue, reported 11 per cent growth … Read more

compact vehicles: India’s love for sub-4 metre compact cars fades as SUVs gain ground

India’s appetite for compact vehicles – defined as being less than 4 metres in length – seems to be waning. Despite a preferential taxation regime, the share of sub-4 metre compact vehicles, has fallen from 62% in 2021 to 50% in 2023. The number of models on offer in this segment is also down to … Read more

EVs Are Still Too Expensive For Buyers, Despite Huge Discounts

Electric vehicles are seeing huge discounts right now, but those new lower prices are still not enough to get folks to, y’know, buy them. Now, an ever-more-bloated EV inventory is pushing automakers and dealers to slash prices even further. Five-figure price discounts are no longer out of the question. Even EVs Can’t Get A Break … Read more

Boston Dynamics Built A New Robot For Hyundai, And It Will Haunt Your Dreams

Atlas is dead, long live Atlas. The hydraulically-articulated version of Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot was retired last week in favor of its electric motor-driven version introduced on Wednesday. Hyundai is majority owner of Boston Dynamics, and the new all-electric Atlas will eventually replace the company’s workers on factory floors, maybe starting with the ones who … Read more

2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Is So Fun To Drive You Won’t Care That It’s Electric

Fifteen years ago, the concept of a 600-horsepower electric Hyundai would have blown people’s minds. And yet, here we are today. The 2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N is real, and it makes 641 hp when you hit the boost button. That’s a whole lot of power, identical to what you get in a Lamborghini Urus. … Read more

Here’s Every Six-Speed Automatic Still On The Market Today

Photo: Buick I’ve spent a whole lot of time with the Envista and Trax and their six-speed automatics. It’s not exactly a fun and engaging transmission to use, but it gets the job done. There are a few downsides, though. The first is that you cannot really manually shift it. There’s a gear limiter, but … Read more

You Can Buy One Of The Best Modern Sports Sedans For Less Than A Toyota Corolla

Let’s say you’re in the car market looking for something fun or, at the very least, somewhat interesting to drive. There are some great options to be had on the used market and, if you’re not picky or a badge snob, one of the best sport sedans to come to market in the last decade … Read more

Weekend Car Culture Roundup April 06, 2024

As it turns out, lowering the price of an item makes that item sell better. This, in econ, means that item is “elastic” — and cars are certainly elastic. Based on Ford’s latest price drops on the Mustang Mach-E, EVs are no exception. – Amber DaSilva Read More Read more… FOLLOW US ON GOOGLE NEWS … Read more