The Electric Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen Is Basically Perfect

Ever since I attended the Munich debut of the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG in 2021, where it premiered with a Buck Rogers–style sci-fi mini film that featured design head Gorden Wagener alongside people in alien costumes, the electric G-Class has lived rent free in my brain. I can’t think of another new car I’ve been this … Read more

This Coachbuilt G-Wagen Convertible Looks Like A Million Bucks, Sold For Just $72,800

Image: Bonhams Coinciding with this weekend’s Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix and taking advantage of the fact that a bunch of rich car folks would be in town, Bonhams held a high-end car auction. The results were, uh, not great, but one lot in particular was truly unique, and managed to find a new home. … Read more

Electric Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen Revealed As The Ultimate Off-Roader

I have always loved the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and that feeling has increased with every passing year, especially after getting to drive them and moving to LA where they’re as popular as F-150s in Michigan. If I could only drive one car for the rest of my life, it would be a new G-wagen. My personal … Read more

If Your Car Doesn’t Have Side Exhaust That Glows Red, What’s The Point?

Photo: Daniel Golson/Brabus I’ve always been into wild tuner car companies, from ’80s icons like Rinspeed and Koenig to more modern brands like Liberty Walk and Mansory. Whether or not the end product actually looks good, to my eyes the crazier it is the better. One of my favorite tuners is Brabus, the longtime modifier … Read more

The 2025 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen’s New Monoblock Wheels Are Fantastic

Screenshot: Mercedes-Benz Ever since Mercedes-Benz brought back the monoblock wheel design with the 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe, my life has steadily improved. The GT’s wheel was so outlandish and ostentatious yet tongue in cheek, and just retro enough. Then came the GLS63 AMG in 2021, which got a 23-inch version of the monoblocks, and … Read more

Weekend Car Culture Roundup April 06, 2024

As it turns out, lowering the price of an item makes that item sell better. This, in econ, means that item is “elastic” — and cars are certainly elastic. Based on Ford’s latest price drops on the Mustang Mach-E, EVs are no exception. – Amber DaSilva Read More Read more… FOLLOW US ON GOOGLE NEWS … Read more

Here’s How The G-Wagen’s Ancient French Cousin Ended Up On The Front Lines In Ukraine

While poking around on Instagram I found a picture of what looked like a drab green military-spec Mercedes-Benz G-Class that had been recently delivered to the forces fighting on the front lines of Ukraine. The @future_Ukraine account labeled the vehicle in question not as the much-beloved Mercedes Geländewagen, instead it was called out as a … Read more

Splurge On This Rare Mercedes Unimog For Sale On eBay Motors

Photo: eBay Billy Peltzer was warned not to get his shiny new G Wagen wet, feed it after midnight, or let it out in bright light, but did he listen? Not a chance. Now destruction is upon us as the lovable G has been transformed into its evil counterpart, the gigantic havoc-wreaking mischief-on-four-wheels Unimog. A … Read more

Scout Motors CEO On Creating The Levi’s Of Electric Trucks, Staying True To The Brand’s History

Volkswagen Group made huge waves a few years ago when it announced the revival of the venerated Scout name for a new fully electric truck and SUV that would be built in America. Yesterday I traveled to Blythwood, South Carolina, to witness the groundbreaking of Scout’s new factory, which will be built on a 1,110-acre … Read more

Mercedes Says Not To Use The G-Class EV’s Tank Turn On Public Roads. What Are You Gonna Do, Arrest Me?

Mercedes-Benz announced a slew of stuff at CES, from a new AI virtual assistant to musical EV sounds developed with Will.I.Am that change as you drive. CES was also host to the North American debuts of the Concept CLA and the new E-Class, but the only thing that I truly care about is the camouflaged … Read more