Fisker Waives Destination Charges In Desperate Attempt To Sell Off Remaining Oceans

Image: Fisker It looks like if you’re interested in buying a Fisker Ocean, MSRP will be the price you pay. In a bid to clear out as many as they can, Fisker announced on May 13 that it’s waiving destination charges on leftover Ocean inventory. Henry Lloyd-Hughes Bought His First Car In An English Pub … Read more

Fisker Won’t Be Producing Any More Oceans, Says Company That Produces Them

Image: Fisker Fisker just can’t catch a break. The automaker is still currently teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. And despite huge discounts on the Ocean, the vehicle is mess of issues. If a recent earnings call is to be believed, however, the Ocean itself might not matter much anymore. This Is The New Mercedes-Maybach Night … Read more

Fisker Resorts To Fixing Customer Cars With Preproduction Parts From ‘Graveyard’

The launch of the Fisker Ocean has been plagued with problems, and those problems are now compounding in ways that make everything worse for owners. See, problems mean repairs, but parts shortages mean those fixes could take eons to actually complete — unless you have a “graveyard” of preproduction parts to slap onto customer cars. … Read more

Fisker Ocean Totaled Over $910 Door Ding After Insurer Admits It Can’t Find Parts

A door ding is a pretty minor mishap that can happen to the best of us. Usually, it’s a pretty simple fix that involves maybe polishing out the panel, adding some new cladding or, if it’s really bad, replacing the door. For one Fisker Ocean owner, however, a simple door ding cost them their entire … Read more

Fisker Claims 4 Automakers Are In Talks To Buy Out The Struggling EV Startup

Photo: Fisker We learned last month that despite Fisker beginning production on its Ocean SUV, the startup automaker lost nearly half a billion dollars last year and desperately needed a bailout. Nissan was reportedly in negotiations to give Fisker $400 million, but that apparently fell through, so it looked like bankruptcy was the only option. … Read more

Lord, Give Me The Confidence Of This Person Selling A Fisker Ocean With A Gat-Dang Reserve

Photo: Cars & Bids When it first went into production, we really wanted the Fisker Ocean to be as successful as it was cool, but unfortunately the startup automaker recently announced that bankruptcy was basically inevitable without a bailout, and that appears unlikely to happen. It slashed prices on old inventory, and the automotive world … Read more

Fisker Ocean Is Still The Worst Car YouTuber MKBHD Has Ever Reviewed

Just a few weeks after calling the Fisker Ocean “the worst car I’ve ever tested,” popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee gave the Ocean a second chance. Despite promised software updates and an official press car to review, however, Brownlee hasn’t changed his position: the Ocean remains the worst car he’s ever reviewed. This Is The … Read more

Weekend Car Culture Roundup April 06, 2024

As it turns out, lowering the price of an item makes that item sell better. This, in econ, means that item is “elastic” — and cars are certainly elastic. Based on Ford’s latest price drops on the Mustang Mach-E, EVs are no exception. – Amber DaSilva Read More Read more… FOLLOW US ON GOOGLE NEWS … Read more

Fisker Can’t Even Get The Ocean’s Doors Right

Photo: Fisker Auto safety regulators have apparently opened a preliminary probe in the very troubled Fisker Ocean because of complaints the doors of the electric crossover sometimes don’t open when you want them to. This is less than ideal if you are familiar with the functionality of doors. Man, Fisker really cannot catch a break. … Read more

Fisker Lost Millions In Customer Payments And Had To Do An Internal Audit: Report

Fisker is in a state of disarray right now. The company continues to inch closer to bankruptcy, and the only car it sells right now, the Ocean EV, just had prices on its remaining inventory heavily slashed as the automaker attempts to move more metal in the face of falling stock prices. What’s been going on … Read more