Sending A Mini With Tracks To Antartica Sure Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Of all the goofy and delightful vehicles to ever wander the of Antarctica and the Arctic, I never thought I would come across a vehicle seemingly less-suited to the icy wastes than Australia’s Volkswagen Beetle. But the Australians who brought the Bug to the continent really out did themselves with a Morris Mini Minor—on tracks, … Read more

Mercedes-Benz 220D, Saab 9-2X Aero, Zastava Yugo: The Dopest Cars I Found For Sale Online

Happy Friday, friends. Has this week been as long for you as it has for me? Sometimes it just feels like every conceivable event is happening at the same time, always, forever. Life is just hectic like that. Read more… FOLLOW US ON GOOGLE NEWS Read original article here Denial of responsibility! Trusted Bulletin is … Read more

New ‘Fallout’ TV Show Trailer Features Lots Of Cars, No Corvega

As an absolutely rabid fan of the video game franchise Fallout, I wasn’t holding out too much hope for a quality television series that could even come close to the in-game world building. However, after a second, longer trailer dropped Thursday morning, my Fallout frown is turning upside down. There are many, many more nuggets … Read more

Mini Is Making Car Ads Fun Again

Mini recently unveiled its next-generation F66 Cooper and though I am already a Mini fanboy, when the latest Mini ad campaign came up on my Instagram feed, it genuinely excited me. Car ads used to be funny, irreverent, and bold, but modern car ads seem to have migrated into the realm of serious, stodgy and … Read more

The Lane Motor Museum Is Selling A Bunch Of Weird And Rare Cars

This one is so weird even I can’t really do it justice, so here’s the museum’s explanation of what it is to do the job for me: Charles Deutsch and René Bonnet (DB) were important names in French motor racing between 1940 and 1960. Together they embarked on designing competition cars, first with Citroën engines, … Read more

These Are The Weirdest Car Windows Ever Built

Screenshot: Doug DeMuro/ YouTube Subaru only recently came into the mainstream– it used to be decidedly quirky. The SVX was Subaru’s flagship car in the ‘90s, intended to debut technological innovations like these windows that allowed owners to roll them down in the rain without getting wet. Other cars use windows like this because their … Read more

DUI Offenders Drive These Brands The Most

Photo: AND-ONE (iStock by Getty Images) Nissan Altima drivers, here’s an alternative story to read instead of this one. Okay, now that the coast is clear – we all have stereotypes that we hold about people who drive certain vehicles, mainly negative ones. Those views are usually shaped by anecdotes and watching crash videos posted … Read more