At $8,800, Does This 83 VW Convertible Mean It’s Rabbit Season?

With Easter around the corner, it seems appropriate that today’s Nice Price or No Dice Rabbit’s ad promotes it as a “Bunny.” Let’s decide if this classic convertible’s price also makes it a sweet deal. The 2023 Dodge Challenger Swinger Edition Was The Most Fun Car Of The Year A few of you commented that … Read more

Volkswagen ID 3 GTX Is A Rear-Drive Electric Hot Hatch

The compact hatchback ID 3 is Volkswagen’s electric replacement for the Golf, so it would stand to reason that the hot version of the little hatch is the replacement for the GTI. The German automaker announced on Wednesday that it would be building an ID 3 GTX, which it is calling a “snappy, compact sports … Read more

Porsche 959 Limo Built For The Founder Of Benihana Is Getting The Restoration It Deserves

“I’m not terrified of it,” says John Ficarra of his newest ridiculous acquisition, Rocky Aoki’s Porsche 959 limo built for the Car and Driver One Lap of America. Most people would be terrified, I would venture to guess. The car has been for sale in Southern California for at least thirteen years indicating just how … Read more

Mini Is Making Car Ads Fun Again

Mini recently unveiled its next-generation F66 Cooper and though I am already a Mini fanboy, when the latest Mini ad campaign came up on my Instagram feed, it genuinely excited me. Car ads used to be funny, irreverent, and bold, but modern car ads seem to have migrated into the realm of serious, stodgy and … Read more

Porsche Says It Isn’t Belarus]

The global economy is a complex and constantly moving entity, which frequently causes companies to reevaluate their operations. Porsche was recently pushed up against that wall when the U.S. government determined that nearly all of its cars couldn’t be imported into the country, allegedly due to a single microchip manufactured in Belarus. If you didn’t … Read more

The F.A.T. Ice Race Will Head To Aspen For The First Time This Week

You’ve heard the narrative time and time again: Car culture is doomed and young enthusiasts have been robbed of the opportunity to engage in any sort of meaningful way. Mass electrification, unfavorable legislation, inflation, and price surges brought upon by the auction sites are going to kill automotive enthusiast culture as we know it. 2024 … Read more

Weekend Car Culture Roundup January 20, 2024

When Subaru first came to the United States, it sold small funky cars that were decidedly un-American. As the company grew its own identity and became more established in the U.S., it became the first automaker to offer an all-wheel-drive passenger car in 1975. Subaru was also an early-adopter of turbocharged engines… Read more… FOLLOW … Read more

Audi RS Q E-tron Has Built-In Jack For Tire Swaps At Dakar 2024

The 2024 Dakar Rally is one stage away from the end, and Carlos Sainz is in the lead. If the 61-year old driver wins, Audi will go out on top in a number of important ways. This is the last time out at Dakar for the carmaker, which said it would be pulling out of … Read more

1972 S30 Datsun 240Z Found for Sale Online

Image: ebay The original S30 Datsun 240Z was among the greatest underdog stories in automotive history. Priced around the same as an MGB, this six-cylinder beauty was ready to take on Porsche’s 911 and Jaguar’s E-type for a fraction of the price. It made a great street car, and an even better racing car, kicking off … Read more

Volkswagen Brings Back Real Buttons On The Golf GTI Steering Wheel And The People Rejoiced

Photo: Volkswagen Volkswagen released teaser images of a refreshed version of its vaunted MK8 GTI, a car that driving enthusiasts love piloting, but that caused controversy with an unintuitive infotainment system and uninspiring looks. Volkswagen Unveils the Jetta GLI Performance Concept The GTI is a timeless motoring legend but the latest MK8 GTI was the … Read more