These Are The Lazy Car Rebadges You Might Not Know Existed

Image: Dodge Back in 2008, Dodge execs wanted to offer a small car in South America. The Neon had been already been dead for thee years. The Caliper existed, but it wasn’t exactly small, and Dodge was also trying to convince everyone that it was a miniature crossover instead of the hatchback it really was. … Read more

These Were The Lowest-Selling Cars In 2023

Image: Toyota In yet another instance of of discontinued models selling, Toyota had a few that sold in 2023. The lowest selling of these dead models was the Land Cruiser (which is on its way back with a new generation soon), which found seven buyers. Second lowest was the Avalon, which was axed a couple … Read more

Experts Say These Are The Collector Cars To Buy In 2023, And I Have Some Thoughts

Image: Chrysler Hagerty Says: There’s a theory that young enthusiasts only want newer cars. Our data show that’s dead wrong. The best older classics, like the T&C, will endure. But find a good one, as restoring a 70-year-old wood-bodied car can be costly. My Take: Chrome and wood is a gorgeous look. In my former … Read more