These Are The Cars From The Early 2000s You’d Keep As Classics

Porsches: 986 Boxster S. The first time ever that the Boxster posed a threat to the 911 is with the S version. More power, optional sport suspension, lighter than a 911, mid-engined. Rare because it was so expensive at the time. Get the IMS bearing mod done. 987.2 Cayman/Boxster Base or S, but especially the … Read more

These Are The Lazy Car Rebadges You Might Not Know Existed

Image: Dodge Back in 2008, Dodge execs wanted to offer a small car in South America. The Neon had been already been dead for thee years. The Caliper existed, but it wasn’t exactly small, and Dodge was also trying to convince everyone that it was a miniature crossover instead of the hatchback it really was. … Read more

Nissan Made An Electric President Convertible For Sumo Champion Parades In 1991

Photo: Nissan As I was brainstorming President’s Day posts that aren’t explicitly about actual presidents, I was looking through Nissan’s archives and stumbled across a variant of the Nissan President sedan that I had never seen before. There were four generations of President from 1965 to 2010, the latter two of which were sold in … Read more

Here Are Some More Cars You Probably Forgot Existed

Image: Mitsubishi Designed under Mitsubishi’s “Project America” program, which aimed to create more products specifically for the U.S. market, the Endeavor’s design was based on a 1999 concept called theSSU. While that concept got a twin-turbo V6 and all wheel drive, the Endeavor debuted with a 3.8-liter V6 with 225 hp. As a replacement for … Read more