Subaru WRX TR Is No Match For The Toyota GR Corolla Unless You Want A Comfortable Daily Driver

Screenshot: Savagegeese After years of selling the WRX and STI as hatchbacks, Subaru decided to only offer the WRX as a sedan. It also has yet to bring back the STI, and power on the WRX has stayed about the same since the third-generation Impreza WRX got an update some 15 years ago. So when … Read more

The 2024 Toyota Yaris GR Sport Hybrid Is Everything A Small Car Should Be

Toyota doesn’t sell the Yaris hatchback here in America anymore, instead offering the Corolla as its smallest model that you can buy stateside, which is a shame for small car fans like me. But with the 2024 European market Yaris now offering more power, an updated interior and a GR Sport trim that makes it … Read more

All-New Kia K4’s Bold Design Proves Sedan’s Aren’t Dead

The sedan isn’t dead. Kia just laid down the law in the world of compact sedan design, blowing away the bland and unwieldy shapes currently occupying the market. The new replacement for the aging Kia Forte sedan is called K4, and it’s here to kick ass. Kia’s design team calls this new language “twist logic” … Read more

Toyota’s Aygo Crazy Was The Most 2000s Concept Possible

The 2000s were a wild time for car culture, as every inch of it was crafted to be over the top, in your face, and off the wall. The cars we collectively admired most in those bygone days of 15-ish years ago were louder, lower, and more, uhhhh, crazy. In order to get people pumped … Read more

There Are Only 25 New Cars Left Under $25,000

Image: Manufacturer Provided The state of affordable new automobiles right now is bleak, y’all. Back in 2020, I did a rundown of all the cars left in the U.S. market under $20,000, and there were seventeen. I did another one last fall, and there were six. Now, because the Kia Soul has crept above the … Read more

A New Dodge Challenger Can Be Cheaper Than A Base Corolla If You Play Your Cards Right

We have previously covered the announcement that Dodge was bringing back some serious discounts on 2023 models still on dealer lots, but the latest discounts are so significant that it deserves another story. Combining Dodge’s Power Dollars discount which gives buyers $10 per horsepower that the car produces, and a manufacturer rebate, brand spankin’ new … Read more

These Are The Lazy Car Rebadges You Might Not Know Existed

Image: Dodge Back in 2008, Dodge execs wanted to offer a small car in South America. The Neon had been already been dead for thee years. The Caliper existed, but it wasn’t exactly small, and Dodge was also trying to convince everyone that it was a miniature crossover instead of the hatchback it really was. … Read more

The Dopest Cars I Found For Sale Online

Photo: Facebook Marketplace Have I ever mentioned that I love absolute garbage drift cars? Real missiles with mismatched body panels, bent frames, and the dumbest stickers and body kits you’ve ever seen? Well, I do, and this Miata counts. Sure, it’s a stock 1.6 liter engine, but the diff below that NB-swapped rear sheet metal … Read more

These Are The Most Forgettable Cars On Sale In 2024

As we move further into the EV ageand many automakers are working to reinvent themselves, some cars that are just a few years old are starting to look and feel like dinosaurs. I’m the type of weird where I can see virtually any car on the road and be able to identify it, yet there … Read more

2024 Acura TLX Type S Is A Different Kind Of AWD Sport Sedan

The Acura TLX Type S is lightly refreshed for 2024 with mostly cosmetic upgrades. This is a car that Brad drove in 2021, so I wasn’t expecting a massively different car. What I was hoping for was some time with the TLX Type S in low-grip conditions where I could feel around for how the … Read more