Rivian Figured Out How To Make Charging Suck Less

Charging in the U.S. sucks. It’s getting better thanks to some massive new investments, but it’s still incredibly common to show up at a charge site and find the only available charger is broken. The Tesla Supercharger network is currently the best in the business, which helps explain why every automaker decided to switch to … Read more

A Tesla Fanatic Said He Called The Cops On A Rivian Driver For Using A Supercharger Station

Image: Rivian Rivian R1T and R1S trucks were allowed access to the previously Tesla-only Supercharger network in mid-March, as Tesla has been slowly allowing more electric vehicles to charge on its North American Charging Standard plugs with an adapter. A new Rivian owner was given something of a chilly reception when stopping for a top … Read more

Tesla’s Answer To Everyone Getting Supercharger Access Is A Massive 200-Charger Site In Florida

Photo: Bloomberg / Contributor (Getty Images) Once Ford announced it had reached a deal with Tesla to allow its electric vehicle owners to use Superchargers, it was only a matter of time before every other automaker did the same thing. Fast forward to today, and Tesla’s charging takeover is officially complete. With so many more … Read more

electric vehicles: India aims for 30 percent of all vehicle sales to be electric by 2030: Care Edge Ratings

An analysis by Care Edge Ratings shows that the demand for vehicles powered by traditional fuels is progressively shifting towards those that utilise alternative fuels. The share of petrol vehicle sales, as a percentage of total vehicle sales, has recorded a significant decline, decreasing from 86 percent in 2020 to 76 percent in 2023 while … Read more

Tesla’s Charging Takeover Is Complete

Good morning! It’s Tuesday, February 13, 2024, and this is The Morning Shift, your daily roundup of the top automotive headlines from around the world, in one place. Here are the important stories you need to know. Electric Car Charging Still Sucks, But That Might Change 1st Gear: Stellantis Adding Tesla Charger In 2026, Now … Read more

CA Should Hold Electrify America Responsible For EV Chargers

Electrify America’s track record with EV charger reliability hasn’t been the greatest — which is to say, its chargers are very bad. They’re so bad that sometimes they’ve even been known to disable some EVs. This unreliability is unacceptable, and some experts in California think state officials should hold Electrify America responsible for its broken … Read more

EV Infrastructure In The U.S. Is Getting Better

As much as we may bemoan the transition away from fossil fuels, it continues to become more urgently necessary the planet continues to suffer from the effects of climate change. On the bright side, there have been incredible strides in the number of available public charging ports in recent years to help democratize EV… Read … Read more

Federal EV Plan Will See As Many Charging Stations As Gas Stations By 2030

As the nation continues its slow, occasionally begrudging, march toward electrification of the transportation system, the sticking points seem to be range anxiety, lack of useful charging infrastructure, and ignorance or lack of understanding. While the government can’t really do much about the first one, and the third one is a much bigger problem than … Read more

Weekend News Roundup January 06, 2024

Here we present our weekly Jalopnik series that recaps the latest in news. We’ve showcased our most read offerings as well as some you may have missed. Hyundai Considers Jumping On The Tesla Charger Bandwagon Too Consumer Reports Says These Are The Best Hybrid Cars For Less Than $35,000 In 2024 Photo: Toyota We’ve come … Read more

Getting Access To Tesla Superchargers Won’t Solve All Your Charging Woes

Last year, a whole host of automakers adopted Tesla’s NACS charging plug as their own — from Ford to GM, Subaru to Mercedes, the number of brands that won’t use Tesla’s plugs in their cars is starting to dwindle. Hyundai Considers Jumping On The Tesla Charger Bandwagon Too Yet, despite the vast chasm between the … Read more