Ram Is Highest In Initial Quality, Dodge Is Lowest: JD Power

Happy Friday! It’s June 28, 2024, and this is The Morning Shift, your daily roundup of the top automotive headlines from around the world, in one place. Here are the important stories you need to know. Walter Isaacson On Elon Musk(s) 1st Gear: Ram Good, Dodge Bad: JD Power JD Power’s latest Initial Quality Study … Read more

Fast Driving Cars, Slow Stopping Cars And A Lambo Dodge In This Week’s Car Culture Roundup

Photo: AFP (Getty Images) Good morning! It’s Wednesday, May 15, 2024, and this is The Morning Shift, your daily roundup of the top automotive headlines from around the world, in one place. Here are the important stories you need to know. – Andy Kalmowitz Read More FOLLOW US ON GOOGLE NEWS Read original article here … Read more

No, You Can’t Use An Amazon Adapter To Charge Your Car At A Tesla Supercharger

Tesla’s charge port has become the North American Charging Standard (NACS), but what does it take for non-Tesla owners to take advantage of the brand’s ubiquitous Supercharger network? Online retailers like Amazon are full of NACS adapters that look like they would allow non-Tesla EVs to charge at Tesla Superchargers, but unfortunately none of these … Read more

Adapter Dongles Add Another Headache To The EV Charging Mix

The future of EV charging hinges on the Supercharger network department at Tesla. Unfortunately that entire department was fired in sweeping layoffs from company CEO Elon Musk last week. The world of electric vehicles was upended perhaps forever in 2023 when Musk’s coup to turn the once-proprietary Tesla charging plug into the soon-to-be-ubiquitous North American … Read more

Tesla Cancels 4 Planned Supercharging Sites In New York Despite Increasing Congestion In City

Image: Hauke-Christian Dittrich (AP) Tesla’s latest round of layoffs have left both the auto industry and company stock holders shook. Falling sales have forced the automaker to cut 10 percent of its total staff. Its left broadsided workers confused as they try to make heads or tails of severance packages that look to be pretty … Read more

Tesla Troubles, Helmet Laws And Worst Deals On New Cars In This Week’s News Roundup

Photo: Michael Ciaglo / Stringer (Getty Images) Riding a motorcycle is about as much fun as you can legally have as an adult, but there’s no getting around the fact that they’re incredibly dangerous. Even if you do everything correctly, you can still end up in the hospital courtesy of other drivers. Outcomes are much … Read more

Rivian Figured Out How To Make Charging Suck Less

Charging in the U.S. sucks. It’s getting better thanks to some massive new investments, but it’s still incredibly common to show up at a charge site and find the only available charger is broken. The Tesla Supercharger network is currently the best in the business, which helps explain why every automaker decided to switch to … Read more

A Tesla Fanatic Said He Called The Cops On A Rivian Driver For Using A Supercharger Station

Image: Rivian Rivian R1T and R1S trucks were allowed access to the previously Tesla-only Supercharger network in mid-March, as Tesla has been slowly allowing more electric vehicles to charge on its North American Charging Standard plugs with an adapter. A new Rivian owner was given something of a chilly reception when stopping for a top … Read more

Tesla’s Answer To Everyone Getting Supercharger Access Is A Massive 200-Charger Site In Florida

Photo: Bloomberg / Contributor (Getty Images) Once Ford announced it had reached a deal with Tesla to allow its electric vehicle owners to use Superchargers, it was only a matter of time before every other automaker did the same thing. Fast forward to today, and Tesla’s charging takeover is officially complete. With so many more … Read more

No, A Flipper Zero Is Not A Tesla-Stealing Multitool

According to what seems like half the internet, the Flipper Zero is a nefarious tool that enables the villainous sorcery known as “hacking.” Most recently, articles have gone around claiming that the Flipper allows hackers to steal Teslas right out from under the noses of their good, hardworking, American owners — a crime worthy of … Read more